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Last updated on December 28, 2021

The 10 campuses of the University of Hawaiʻi collect fees from students to support co-curricular and instructional activities, as described in Board of Regents Policy 6.208, which sets forth authorized student fees, including those that are mandatory.

Co-curricular Fees

Mandatory student fees are generally assessed of all students, in amounts set in accordance with Board policies, and as set forth in a fees schedule attached to Executive Policy EP 6.208.

For the Spring 2022 semester, all students will be assessed mandatory fees as set forth in the Executive Policy. Per the Executive Policy, the following mandatory student fees are required of all students:

  • student publications
  • student government
  • technology
  • campus communication/student broadcast fees

The following campus-based student fees will not be assessed of students who are solely enrolled in a fully accredited distance education online program:

  • student activity and program fees
  • campus center
  • student recreation
  • student health fee
  • student transportation/UPASS fees
  • Athletics


The quality and excellence of the University of Hawaiʻi rests on both the curricular (academic) and co-curricular (non-academic) programs that campuses offer. Just as tuition assessed by the campus is invested to enhance the educational experience for all its students through its library, labs, technology resources and classroom facilities, so too are mandatory student fees assessed to enhance the out-of-classroom educational experience for all students through such co-curricular programs as theater, intramural sports, band, intercollegiate athletics, student newspaper, campus radio station, student government, student center, student clubs, organizations and more. The university values the transformative potential of educational experiences and opportunities offered by the co-curriculum that is available to students.

Instruction-related Fees

Instruction-related fees will be reviewed to determine if students are receiving the full benefit of the fees and will be refunded where appropriate.

Professional fees may be assessed to students enrolled in select undergraduate professional programs that have high costs in comparison to other instructional programs with the same tuition. Revenues from fees are earmarked to ensure programs have the equipment, supplies and services to meet accreditation standards.

Course and laboratory fees may be assessed to students enrolled in select courses that have unique costs in comparison to standard offerings or that are outside the normal credit course offerings. These include numerous labs in the natural sciences, art courses that require materials to be purchased, software associated with courses, and in some cases, field trip costs. The courses with associated fees are still meeting, and online labs require demonstrations that continue to utilize the purchased equipment and supplies

In cases where students are not able to benefit from the use of specific consumable supplies usually purchased with the course fees, the fees for these courses will be refunded to students.

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