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The information on this page is being retained for archival purposes only and is no longer being maintained or updated. For current information:

December 28, 2021: Many UH classes to move online for first two weeks of the spring 2022 semester

December 21, 2021: COVID-19 telework policy to remain until January 31, 2022

December 17, 2021: UH President: COVID-19 vigilance over the holidays

December 1, 2021: Full capacity on UH Mānoa campus moving into 2022

October 11, 2021: COVID-19 vaccination required of all UH employees in 2022

October 11, 2021: UH President: Please plan now for return to campus in the spring

September 21, 2021: COVID-19 vaccination required for spring registration

September 16, 2021: UH president’s report: COVID-19, enrollment, Maunakea and more

September 10, 2021: Testing policy, cleaning guidelines updated

August 21, 2021: Negative COVID-19 test upload now available on LumiSight UH app

August 19, 2021: Provost Bruno answers questions about the fall 2021 semester at a campus forum

August 19, 2021: UH president’s report: Fall semester, vaccine, testing requirements and more

August 19, 2021: Free COVID-19 testing available to unvaccinated UH students, employees

August 19, 2021: COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Policy

August 19, 2021: Updated COVID-19 guidelines for fall 2021 semester

August 13, 2021: Employee vaccine mandate, weekly COVID-19 testing from August 23

August 9, 2021: UH student survey seeks systemwide vaccination rate

August 5, 2021: UH provides employee vaccination, testing guidance

August 5, 2021: Telework expectations and out-of-state employment

August 5, 2021: Student COVID-19 vaccination and testing for fall 2021

July 23, 2021: Fall update: student vaccinations, employee telework, more

July 15, 2021: UH president’s report: Vaccine mandate update, vaccine survey results and more

July 15, 2021: High UH vaccination rates, vaccine mandate will not be enforced to attend class

June 7, 2021: Update for UH Mānoa international students for fall 2021

May 27, 2021: Face coverings no longer required outdoors on UH campuses/property

May 21, 2021: UH reopening, employee return to campuses planned for summer

May 17, 2021: UH to require COVID-19 vaccination for on-campus students this fall

April 27, 2021: UH Mānoa Provost message: Update on fall 2021

April 13, 2021: Coming soon! COVID-19 vaccine for UH students

March 29, 2021: UH Mānoa campus reawakening expected for next academic year

March 11, 2021: UH President statement to $1.9T COVID-19 relief bill

March 5, 2021: 10 UH campuses encouraged to ‘Get Vaccinated UH!

March 4, 2021: UH Mānoa spring 2021 commencement plans

February 26, 2021: Vaccination update for UH employees

February 17, 2021: COVID-19 vaccination update for UH employees and students

February 9, 2021: President Lassner provides update on COVID-19 vaccinations

February 8, 2021: Provost Bruno’s message about the UH Mānoa campus plans for Fall 2021

January 14, 2021: President Lassner: Vaccination planning underway

November 23, 2020 Give thanks, not COVID-19

November 20, 2020: Spring 2021 similar to fall 2020, next fall looks promising

October 20, 2020: Updated Recommendations: Planning for Post-Pandemic Hawaiʻi

October 13, 2020: UH Mānoa planning for post pandemic Hawaiʻi

October 1, 2020: Salary reductions for executives as UH prepares for COVID-19 budget shortfall

September 30, 2020: UH Mānoa provost details budget planning process

September 11, 2020: UH Mānoa planning for post pandemic Hawaiʻi

August 26, 2020: UH President on Oʻahu stay-at-home order

August 24, 2020: Update on reducing presence on campuses

August 20, 2020: UH COVID-19 safety videos for UH employees, students

August 17, 2020: New telework policy for UH employees begins September

August 4, 2020: Update for UH employees on teleworking in August

July 31, 2020: Provost Message: False reports of positive COVID-19 cases on campus

July 29, 2020: The Modified Quarantine Program for out-of-state UH Mānoa students is announced

July 22, 2020: UH Mānoa COVID-19 plan for fall

July 17, 2020: Update on Exemption for out-of-state UH students part of extended quarantine

July 13, 2020: Exemption for out-of-state UH students part of extended quarantine

July 9, 2020: Protecting our UH international students

July 1, 2020: UH releases interim COVID-19 guidelines for its 10 campuses

June 26, 2020: Update for UH Faculty and Staff on July work location

June 25, 2020: Provost Bruno hosts live online forum for fall 2020 reopening

June 12, 2020: Update on cleaning of UH Mānoa facilities

May 20, 2020: Update on status of working from home

May 15, 2020: Plans for Second Summer Session / Summer Session II

May 15, 2020: Mahalo to UH Employees and Planning for Fall, from UH, UHPA, HGEA and UPW

May 4, 2020: UH preparing for safer return to campuses in fall

April 28, 2020: UH extends socially distanced operations through May 31

April 20, 2020: Changes to course evaluations for spring 2020

April 20, 2020: Credit/No Credit changes, FAQs for spring 2020

April 13, 2020: President Lassner thanks UH ʻohana for COVID-19 response

April 9, 2020: Emergency Grading Policy During COVID-19 Public Health Crisis

April 3, 2020: New UH Mānoa initiative helps student employees

April 2, 2020: COVID-19 update positive tests

April 2, 2020: UH grading adjustments on the way

March 31, 2020: UH Mānoa moving summer courses online

March 31, 2020: How to apply for the UH Urgent Student Relief Fund

March 30, 2020: Limited access to buildings, bathrooms amid COVID-19

March 30, 2020: Sex discrimination and gender-based violence resources for students

March 25, 2020: Course withdrawal deadline details for UH Mānoa students

March 25, 2020: Course withdrawal deadline extended for UH campuses

March 24, 2020: New COVID-19 leave type in Online Leave System

March 24, 2020: BEWARE: Increase in cyber threats and scams

March 23, 2020: Important update for UH employees

March 22, 2020: UH president responds to county work-at-home emergency orders

March 21, 2020: UH Mānoa changes to campus services

March 20, 2020: Additional Guidance Regarding Voluntary Work From Home Request Process

March 20, 2020: UH campuses are closed to all except students and employees

March 20, 2020: UPDATE: Guidance for Employees to Work from Home

March 19, 2020: President Lassner highlights UH’s efforts during worldwide crisis

March 19, 2020: Important announcement on commencement ceremonies

March 18, 2020: Latest information on classes, resources for UH Mānoa students

March 18, 2020: President’s Message: Guidance for employees to work from home

March 18, 2020: President’s Message: Online courses extended for remainder of semester, other important updates

March 17, 2020: Gov. Ige’s remarks and reducing UH employee presence on campuses

March 17, 2020: Message from UH Mānoa Provost Bruno

March 16, 2020: Provost Bruno shared a message to parents of UH Mānoa students

March 16, 2020: Update from UH President

March 13, 2020: UH and UHPA form workgroup on online learning

March 13, 2020: Important update on online resources for UH Mānoa faculty

March 13, 2020: Message to UH employees

March 12, 2020: UH President Lassner press conference

March 12, 2020: UH actions to address COVID-19 pandemic

March 12, 2020: Forthcoming COVID-19 changes

March 6, 2020: Online Teaching Resources, Absenteeism and Public Events

March 6, 2020: Cleaning of campus facilities

March 6, 2020: updated UH travel guidance and travel policy FAQs.

March 3, 2020: COVID-19 update on UH-sponsored travel

February 28, 2020: President Lassner’s COVID-19 update to the UH community

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