Fall Student 2022 Permit Information


All individual car permits have been reserved out for Fall 2022 semester. Reservations for the Fall 2022 permits were done in conjunction with Fall 2022 class registration and is based on class standing (i.e. seniors register first, then juniors, etc.).

Please consider other options mentioned below that are still available to you. Please know that the parking exemption option mentioned below is also based on class standing and the reason for needing a permit.

  • If you have afternoon classes, you may purchase an evening permit by the month. With an evening permit, you may park in the lower campus parking structure from 1:30 pm. After 4pm, you may park in any marked stall on upper campus as long as it is not a 24 hour reserved stall and leave your car overnight until 6:30am the following morning. Please go to the following link for more information regarding evening permits: http://manoa.hawaii.edu/commuter/eveningpermits.html
  • Consider alternatives to driving or driving alone to campus. We encourage students to take advantage of the U-Pass program (included in their student fees) and ride TheBus, when possible.
  • Off-campus parking options are not managed by the University and we do not have an extensive list. Our Off-campus parking webpage may be helpful. https://manoa.hawaii.edu/commuter/off-campus-parking/

If you have extenuating circumstances or hardships, you may file a request for a parking exemption.
September 2, 2022: Second round of Exemption Requests has begun.

Exemption Request can be submitted at this form https://uhmcampusservices.wufoo.com/forms/z1f2od2q09ttrne/ beginning September  2. Requests will not be reviewed until Friday, September 9, 2022 and may take a week or more to process. Requests are not guaranteed. If you are granted approval, it is a one-time exemption for a parking pass. During the exemption review process you would need to pay the daily rates for parking. You will not be reimbursed for your daily parking during this process. You may pay the flat rate of $5.00 a day from the time of arrival to 11:59 pm in the Zone 20 structure.


Moped/Motorcycle permits will open for purchase on first-come, first served basis while supplies last starting August 15 at 8:00am on your parking portal account.

Students interested in purchasing a permit for a moped, please refer to the moped map here for appropriate permit parking locations before purchasing a permit.

Moped Housing permits allow parking in Housing Lots (H) and All Permit lots (A) only. Proof of Housing is required before this option is available for purchase. To submit your proof of housing go to this link Request for Student Housing Permit beginning August 15.

Moped Upper permits are allowed to park in Upper Campus lots (U) and All Permit lots (A) only.

Moped Commuter permits are allowed to park in Commuter Lots (C) and All Permit lots (A) only.