Updated Warrior Quick Pass for Zone 20

Warrior Quick Pass

Pay Station now at Klum Gym Lot near entrance to Lower Campus Parking Structure

Klum Gym Pay Station

Due to COVID-19 and the continuation of distance learning for Fall 2021, attendants are no longer present at the Lower Campus entry kiosks. UH employees and students may purchase daily parking passes for $5 online utilizing the Warrior Quick Pass which may be printed at home. Alternatively, the flat rate daily parking ticket can be purchased for $5 at the pay stations located at the Music, Law School or Klum Gym Lots.

Warrior Quick Pass

The Warrior Quick Pass is available online at the UH Commuter Services online parking portal. UH login is available at:
Get Warrior Quick Pass Here
Warrior Quick Passes can be purchased for $5 on the same day or for a future date. To be valid, the pass must be printed on full-size letter paper and displayed face up on the driver’s side dashboard. There are no refunds for these passes and they are associated with your vehicle license plate, so please purchase only what you will use.

Unsure on how to purchase? Read our Knowledge Base!

Pay Station Ticket

If advance purchase and printing is not possible, daily tickets may be purchased at the pay stations in the Music, Law School, or Klum Gym Lots. These flat rate daily tickets have to be purchased prior to parking in the Zone 20 Lower Campus Parking Structure. The printed ticket must be displayed face up on the driver’s side dashboard when parked.

Music Lot Pay Station

Music Pay Station

Law School Pay Station

Law School Pay Station

Maps identifying these pay stations are here:
Pay Stations near Parking Structure