Revised Rainbow Quick Code for Eligible Employees and Students

Improvements to the Rainbow Quick Code program are here! As a result of a recent survey we conducted with current Rainbow Quick Code users, we are happy to announce improvements to the program starting this January 2021.

The Rainbow Quick Code (RQC) will now be a monthly pass whether an individual currently has a parking permit or not. RQC monthly passes are available for purchase on a first-come, first served basis. Once the monthly pass is purchased online, the pass will be mailed via USPS First-Class Mail.


  • RQC monthly passes are only valid for the month indicated on the pass
  • Passes expire at the end of each calendar month, no matter when you purchase it.
  • Renew your pass a week before the start of the next month so you can have your pass in hand before the month starts.
  • Passes are restricted to use in one vehicle.
  • Current permit sticker and RQC Monthly Pass must be displayed (if you have a current permit)
  • RQC Monthly Passes are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Park in any available white permit stall in the zone you’ve selected.
  • This pass is NOT valid for green stalls.
Purchase Date
Employee RQC Monthly Pass Rates 1-15 16 – end of month
I have no permit $70.75 $35.38
I have an Evening permit $34.75 $17.38
I have a Zone 20 permit $20.75 $10.38
I have a Surface Lot (non Zone 20) permit $3 $3
Purchase Date
Student RQC Monthly Pass Rates 1-15 16 – end of month
I have no permit $43.75 $21.88
I have a Zone 08S, 20S, 21S, 22S permit $3 $3

Request the pass via our form and you will receive email instructions on how to purchase.

Request RQC Pass Here

Note: You may display your receipt on your car dashboard, during the RQC valid month, until you receive your physical permit via USPS First Class mail. The permit number and date purchased must be visible.