Wayfinding Installed in the Parking Structure

Two girls walking in the parking structure in front of new wayfinding

Have you noticed the new signage and bright icons in the lower campus parking structure? In an effort to help customers find their way and remember where they parked, UHM Commuter Services department stenciled each floor with distinct icons.

“This initiative is one way that we’ve made the parking structure more welcoming and user-friendly,” Commuter Services Manager Cate Matsushima said.

New features include large campus maps on the first floor as well as blue markings painted on the ground that lead commuters to ADA-accessible parking stalls on the third floor.

New wayfinding and large campus map in the lower campus parking structure

These projects are the latest high-impact, low-cost projects that Commuter Services has implemented at the parking structure. Other projects include the Gecko Deco service project, installation of LED lights with backup batteries, and new slip-resistant paint by the elevators and stairwells.