Look All Ways on Dole Street

Commuter Services workers stenciling "Look All Ways" symbol on the sidewalk by the Dole Street crosswalk

UH Mānoa Commuter Services department has partnered with the City & County of Honolulu’s “Look All Ways” initiative to encourage pedestrian safety on the Mānoa campus. On March 21, 2019, Commuter Services and City & County staff painted two cautionary “Look All Ways” stencils on the sidewalk by the Dole Street crosswalk, fronting the William S. Richardson School of Law. In the upcoming months, pedestrians will be able to view more of these bright yellow symbols in various locations around the Mānoa campus.

“We are excited to work with the City & County as one of the locations on Oʻahu to install these recognizable stencils, which help to educate our UH community the importance of pedestrian safety,” Commuter Services Manager Cate Matsushima said. “This low-cost initiative is a simple reminder that could one day save a life.”

As a City & County of Honolulu initiative, the “Look All Ways” campaign raises awareness for common sense pedestrian safety protections. Eventually, the city’s pedestrian safety measures will also include safety flags, reflective delineator posts and developing an Oʻahu Pedestrian plan, to define the steps needed to make Honolulu a more walkable, livable, and healthy city.

"Look All Ways" symbol on sidewalk by Dole Street crosswalk