Complex Thinking

Challenging childrens’ thinking toward cognitive complexity.

Melting Ice

Campus Children’s Center
Age of Students: 2 years

The teacher and a small group of toddlers examine melting blocks of ice. The teacher encourages complex thinking by asking probing questions and having the children think about and describe what they see.

Reptile Math

Hawai‘i Public School
Grade level: 3

The teacher and a small group of students work together to solve word problems. The teacher uses a science book to create math questions, comparing science facts about various animals. The teacher assesses students’ understanding and assists them, advancing their thinking as they solve the word problems.

Theoretical and Experimental Probability

Hawai‘i Public Charter School
Grade level: 7

The teacher and a small group of students collaborate to explore the difference between theoretical and experimental probability. With teacher support, students build a deeper understanding of experimental probability by taking turns rolling a die and recording their results.