Yang, Guobin 杨国斌

Assistant Professor, Sociology
Social Sciences Bldg. 208: 956-8090
Department: 956-7693; Fax: 956-3707
E-mail: guobin@hawaii.edu

PhD 1993, Beijing Foreign Studies University, PRC
PhD 2000, New York University

Professor Yang currently works on three research projects. One is an empirical and historical study of the relationship between developments in information technologies and changes in political institutions and civil society in 20th-century China. Related to this is a project on the emergence and consequences of a global Internet-based Chinese-language public sphere. The third project examines the course and consequences of the identity transformation of China’s Red Guard generation. He teaches in the areas of cultural sociology, sociological theory and modern Chinese society and culture.

China-Related Courses Taught
Soc 356 Peoples and Institutions of China
Soc 723B Modern Chinese Society: Civil Society, Public Sphere and Popular Protest Since 1978

Selected China-Related Publications

  • China’s Red Guard Generation: The Ritual Process of Identity Transformation, 1966-1999. Ph.D. Dissertation. New York University, 2000.
  • “The Liminal Effects of Social Movements: Red Guards and the Transformation of Identity,” Sociological Forum 15.2 (2000), pp. 379-406.
  • “Achieving Emotions in Collective Action: Emotional Processes and Movement Mobilization in 1989 Chinese Student Movement,” The Sociological Quarterly 41.4 (2000), pp. 593-614.
  • “Thinking of Wittgeinstein after Translating Wenxin diaolong” Du Shu 1 (1996): pp. 84-85.
    “English Poetry” (Chinese Translations of), in Chan Sin-wai & David Pollard (Eds.) An Encyclopedia of Translation, Hong Kong: Chinese University Press, 1995, pp. 783-793.
  • “A New English Translation of 30 Chapters of Wenxin Diaolong with a Critical Introduction.” Ph.D. Dissertation. Beijing Foreign Studies University, 1993.
  • “Liu Xie and Coleridge: Two Versions of Organic Theory,” in Wang Zuoliang (Ed.) Wen Yuan: Studies in Language, Literature and Culture, Beijing: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, 1991, pp. 45-62.
  • “Australian Poetry in Chinese Consciousness.” Notes and Furphies (Bulletin of the Association for the Study of Australian Literature) 25 (1990): pp.6-10.

News of Guobin Yang receiving a MacArthur Foundation grant.