Wang Wensheng


CCS Faculty
Associate Professor, History
Office: Sakamaki B204
Tel: 956-4233
Fax: 956-9600

PhD 2008, University of California, Irvine
MA 2006, University of California, Irvine
MA 2001, Wuhan University
BA 1998, Wuhan University

Professor Wang is a historian of late imperial China. His research interests include empire building, peasant movements, popular religion, and maritime interactions. He is working on his book manuscript, which focuses on the crisis-ridden period around 1800 when the Qing state had to contend with White Lotus rebels and serious outbreaks of highly organized piracy across the South China Sea.

China-Related Courses

  • HIST 241 Civilizations of Asia
  • HIST/ASAN 309 East Asian Civilization
  • HIST 411 Local History of Late Imperial China
  • HIST 419 The Chinese Revolution
  • HIST 661C Seminar in Chinese History: Middle


  • “Prosperity and Its Discontents: Contextualizing the Social Protest during the late Qianlong Reign,” Frontier of History in China 6(2011): 347-369.
  • “Social Crises and Political Reform during the Jiaqing Reign of Qing China, 1796-1810s,” in From Early Tang Court Debates to China’s Peaceful Rise, ed. Friederike Assandri and Dora Martins. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2009, 33-52.
  • “Political Culture 1800-1900,” in Encyclopedia of Modern China, ed. David Pong. Farmington Hills: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 2009.