Tschudi, Stephen L. 唐润

Specialist in Technology for Foreign Language Education
Center for Language and Technology
Moore Hall 259
Tel: 956-8047
Email: sfleming@hawaii.edu

BA 1984, University of California-Berkeley
MA 1990, University of Hawai’i at Manoa

Stephen L. Tschudi, Specialist in Technology for Language Education at the Center for Language & Technology, has taught Chinese language and engaged in teacher development at the University of Hawaii since 1988, and prior to that was a translator and editor for the Chinese Literature Press in Beijing. Currently a staff member of the National Foreign Language Resource Center and the Language Flagship Technology Innovation Center, he is past recipient of an Excellence in Teaching Award from the Hawaii Association of Language Teachers, and past board member of the Chinese Language Teachers Association.

He has previously designed and delivered teacher training courses and workshops focusing on effective strategies for teaching languages on interactive television and on various aspects of online teaching and learning, and has designed numerous online courses in Chinese language, some of them custom-designed for non native-speaking teachers of Chinese. His areas of research interest include 1) the design and delivery of online and hybrid language instruction; 2) faculty development in Project-based Language Learning, a curricular paradigm; 3) the design of online intercultural exchanges based on the Cultura model from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; 4) the use of simulations in language teaching and learning; and 5) the application of the concept of microlearning in the world languages domain.