Tsai, George 蔡璨宇

CCS Faculty
Associate Professor, Philosophy
Sakamaki Hall B-306
Telephone: 808-956-8734
Email: gtsai@hawaii.edu

BA double major in Economics; Moral & Political Thought, Amherst College, 2002
PhD in Philosophy, University of California, Berkeley, 2011
Research Fellow, Australian National University, 2013-2014

Research Areas

•    Ethics
•    Social and Political Philosophy
•    Moral Psychology
•    Chinese Philosophy
•    Comparative Philosophy

Selected Publications

•    “Vulnerability in Intimate Relationships,” Southern Journal of Philosophy
•    “The Morality of State Symbolic Power,” Social Theory and Practice
•    “Rational Persuasion as Paternalism,” Philosophy and Public Affairs
•    “An Error Theory for Liberal Universalism,” Journal of Political Philosophy
•    “Lamentable Necessities,” Review of Metaphysics