Shi, Mingzheng 史明正

Headshot of Shi Mingzheng
Assistant Professor, History
Sakamaki B-415; 956-8098
Department: 956-8486; Fax: 956-9600

BA 1986, Peking University
MA 1988, University of Connecticut
MPhil 1990, Columbia University
PhD 1993, Columbia University

Professor Shi teaches the political, conomic, social and cultural history of twentieth-century China. His research centers on the tradition and transformation of Chinese cities. He is interested in the study of urban culture and society, municipal administration, the urban built environment, and comparative urbanism. He did post-doctoral work at the University of California, Berkeley, and has taught at the University of Houston. He is co-editor of Wall and Market: Chinese Urban History News.

China-related curses taught
Hist 410 Twentieth-Century China
Hist 419 The Chinese Revolution
Hist 420 The People’s Republic of China
Hist 496D Senior Tutorial in History: Asia/Pacific
Hist 661D Seminar in Chinese History: Modern

Selected China-related publications
Remaking Beijing: Spatial Change in the Chinese Capital, 1900–1928. University of California Press, forthcoming.
“From Imperial Gardens to Public Parks: The Transformation of Space in Early Twentieth-Century Beijing.” Modern China 24:3 (July, 1998), pp. 219–254.
“Rebuilding the Chinese Capital: Beijing in the Early Twentieth Century.” Urban History 25:1 (May 1998).
“America as an Idea: A Historical Inquiry of the Chinese Perceptions of the United States.” The Journal of American Studies 28.2 (December 1996), pp. 411–436.
“The Development of Municipal Institutions and Public Works in Early Twentieth Century Beijing.” The Chinese Historians 5.2 (Fall 1992), pp. 7–24.
走向近代化的北京城:城市建设与社会变革 [The Transormation of Beijing: Urban Development and Social Change]. 北京大学出版社,1995.
西方学者对中国近现代城市史的研究 [The Study of Modern Chinese Urban History in the West], in 北京与中外古都对比研究 [Comparative Studies of Beijing and Other Chinese and Foreign Ancient Capitals] 北京燕山出版社 1992, pp. 380–400.
美国城市史学的回顾与展望 [American Urban History Revisited], in 当代欧美史学评析:中国留美历史学者论文集 [Perspectives in History: Essays on Contemporary Western Historiography]. 人民出版社. 1990, pp. 102–116.