Ma, You-woon 馬幼垣

Professor, East Asian Languages & Literatures
Moore 389; 956-2072
Department: 956-8940;Fax: 956-9515

BA 1965, Hong Kong University
PhD 1971, Yale University

Professor Ma’s research covers Chinese traditional fiction and bibliography, particularly textual studies and criticism of the classical novel Shuihu zhuan.

China-related courses taught
Chn 313-314 Mandarin for Cantonese Speakers
Chn 421 Chinese Translation (English to Chinese; Chinese to English)
Chn 611 Contemporary Chinese Fiction
Chn 612 Traditional Chinese Fiction
Chn 753 (alpha) Research Seminar in Chinese Literature
EALL 603C Bibliography and Research Methodology

Selected China-related publications
《水滸》論橫 [Studies on Shuihu zhuan]. Taipei: Linking Publishing Co., 1992
中國小說史集稿 [Essays on the History of Chinese Fiction]. Taipei: China Times Publishing Co., 1987 (revised ed.).
The Indiana Companion to Classical Chinese Literature. Co-edited with William H. Nienhauser, Jr., et. al. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1986.
中國古典短片小說選 [Selected Classical Chinese Short Stories]. Co-authored with Joseph S.M. Lau. Hong Kong: Mingchuang chubanshe, 1986.
Traditional Chinese Stories: Themes and Variations. Co-authored with Joseph S.M. Lau. New York: Columbia University Press, 1978.