Lingley, Kate

CCS Faculty
Associate Professor, Art
Art 223: 956-8291
Fax: 956-9043

BA 1994, Harvard-Radcliffe College
MA 1998, University of Chicago
Ph.D. 2004, University of Chicago

Professor Lingley’s research focuses on Buddhist votive sculpture of the Northern and Southern Dynasties period, with a particular interest in the social functions of religious art. Her dissertation was a study of donor figures as representations of the self-image of art patrons in the sixth century. Current research projects include the relationship between the representation of gender and the representation of ethnicity in Northern Dynasties Buddhist art, and the patronage practices of the Chen clan of southern Shanxi province. She also plans a future project on the administration of cave temple sites in the People’s Republic of China, and the ways in which the government’s tendency to treat these sites as primarily historical conflicts with their local usage patterns, which are largely religious.

China-Related Courses

ART 385 Early Chinese Art and Culture ART 386 Later Chinese Art and Culture ART 486 Survey of Chinese Painting ART 688 Seminar: Chinese Sculpture and Applied Arts