Li, Ying-che 李英哲

Professor, East Asian Languages & Literatures
Moore 354, 956-8406
Department: 956-8940; Fax: 956-9515

BA 1959, Tunghai University
MA 1964, University of Michigan
PhD 1970, University of Michigan

Professor Y.C. Li has been a two-time recipient of Fulbright research grants on comparative Chinese dialects, a project director and co-director of five research grants on Chinese grammar from the Department of Education, and five additional federal grants on CALL Chinese comprehension courseware. He has also been a Chinese linguistic consultant to the Singapore Ministry of Education, the Hong Kong Education Department, and the Ministry of Education in Taiwan on Chinese language textbook compilation and testing. He was chair of the Chinese Proficiency Guidelines, Committee, which was instrumental in developing the national Chinese proficiency guidelines under the sponsorship of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages and under the support of the Department of Education. He also co-directed the development of several sets of Chinese Proficiency Tests for speaking, listening, and reading, with Dr. John CLark of the Center for Applied Linguistics in Washington, D.C. He has published seven books and fifty articles in the areas of Chinese synchronic and diachronic syntax, comparative dialects, language teaching and testing, and CALL-Chinese, in journals such as the Journal of Chinese Linguistics, the Journal of the Chinese Language Teachers Association, Language, and Zhongguo Yuwen [Chinese Language and Writing).

China-related Courses Taught
CHN 313, 314 Mandarin Conversation
CHN 401, 402 Fourth Level Mandarin
CHN 451, 452 Structure of Chinese
CHN 470 Chinese Language and Culture
CHN 631C History of Chinese Language: Syntax
CHN 632 Chinese Dialects
CHN 750B Research Seminar in Chinese Language: Teaching Methods
CHN 750C Research Seminar in Chinese Language: Structure
CHN 750D Research Seminar in Chinese Language: Classical Grammar

Selected China-related Publications