Harwit, Eric 郝忠明

CCS Faculty
Professor, Asian Studies
Moore 416: 956-2681
Fax: 956-2682
Email: harwit@hawaii.edu

BA 1984, Cornell University
MA 1985, University of California, Berkeley
PhD 1992, University of California, Berkeley

Professor Harwit’s recent work has focused on the politics of industrial development in China. His most recent book, “China’s Telecommunications Revolution” (Oxford, 2008) examines telecommunications and Internet development in the PRC. The book assesses the political and social impact of China’s data network, as well as the spread of mobile and fixed-line telecommunications to both urban and rural parts of the country. His teaching includes courses on comparative Asian development, China’s economic advance, and the spread of communications technologies in the East Asian region.

China-Related Courses

  • Asan 201 Introduction to East Asia
  • ASAN 485 Economic Development in China
  • ASAN 608 Development and Modernization in China
  • Asan 625 Asia and the Modern World State
  • ASAN 658 Telecom and the Internet in East Asia
  • MGT 670B Chinese Management Systems