Gladney, Dru C. 杜磊

Professor, Asian Studies
Moore 408; 956-2208; Fax: 956-6345

Senior Research Fellow
East-West Center
Burns 3048; 944-7367; Fax: 944-7333


BA 1978, Westmont College
MA 1981, Fuller Theological Seminary
MA 1983, University of Washington
PhD 1987, University of Washington

Professor Gladney’s research focuses on ethnicity and nationalism in Asia, with particular attention to China and Inner Asia. His work examines minorities and ethnic diversity in China, comparative Muslim societies, political anthropology, nomadic-sedentary relations, minority/majority representation, and peace and security studies. He spent 1992–93 as a Fulbright Research Scholar in Istanbul examining the Eastern Turkestani community from Xinjiang as part of a larger project on transnationalism, Sino-Middle Eastern relations, and cultural nationalism.

China-related Courses Taught
ASN 320D Asian Nation Studies: Cultural Nationalism in Contemporary China
ASN 469 Ethnic Diversity in China and Innter Asia—Recognition and Resistance
ASN 611 Comparative Muslim Societies in Asia
ASN 620 Contemporary Asia: The Silk Road—Pre- and Post-Modern Travel Narrative
ASN 627 Ethnic Nationalism in Asia: Theory and Practices

China-related Publications
Ethnic Identity in China: THe Making of a Muslim Minority Nationality. New
York: Harcourt Brace Publishers, 1998.
“Central Asia and Xinjiang, China: Emerging Energy, Economic, and Ethnic Relations,”
with James P. Dorian and Brett Wigdortz. Central Asian Survey 16.4
(1997), 461–486.
“Indigeneity and Post-Coloniality: The Question of ‘Minority’ Identity in China.”
Cultural Survival Quarterly 21.3 (September 1997).
“Relational Alterity: Constructing Dungan (Hui), Uygur, and Kazakh Identities Across
China, Central Asia, and Turkey.” History and Anthropology 9.2 (1996),
Muslim-Chinese: Ethnic Nationalism in the People’s Republic. Cambridge:
Harvard University Press, 1991. (2nd Edition, 1996)
“Tian Zhuangzhuang, the Fifth Generation, and Minorities Film in China.” Public
7.3 (1995)