Lin, Le 蔺乐

Assistant Professor of Sociology
Saunders Hall, Room 212
Phone: (808) 956 8451

B.A. Zhejiang University, 2003
M.A. Columbia University, 2009
M.A. University of Chicago, 2012
Ph.D. University of Chicago, 2017

Dr. Lin’s research interests include economic and organizational sociology, development, professions, education and medical sociology, focusing especially on how these topics unfold in modern and contemporary Chinese society. His recent projects examine how China’s market capitalism emerges, how it co-evolves with the state and how it shapes formerly socialist public goods such as education and medicine.

China-Related Courses

SOC 356 Sociology of China (Chinese Society and Culture)
SOC 720 Comparative Study of East Asia
SOC 723 Seminar in Modern Chinese Society


Lin, Le. “Capitalism Out of the Shadow: Multi-Dimensional Ambiguity and the Privatization and Marketization of Public Goods in China” (Under Review).
* Graduate Student Research Paper Award, American Sociological Association, Section on Asia and Asian America, 2017
*EHESS Best Paper Award on Asian Capitalism, The Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics, 2016

Lin, Le. “Institutional Complexity, Internal Conflict and IPOs” (Under Review).

Mun Tsang, May Wong and Le Lin. 2009. “The Internationalization of Higher Education in the United State, Britain, and Australia”. Peking University Education Review. Vol.7, No.2, pp.75-102 (In Chinese).

Le Lin and Zheng Gong. 2001. “Assessing the Effectiveness of the Asian Monetary Fund”. Studies of International Finance. Vol. 8, pp.16-29 (In Chinese).