Spring 2023 Seminar Series via Zoom

Unless otherwise noted (by text highlighted in red), seminars are held on Wednesdays, 12:00 noon – 1:30 pm, via Zoom webinars, and are organized and introduced by CCS director Professor Ming-Bao Yue. See individual flyers for registration links.

If you are not currently on the CCS listserv, please sign up at http://manoa.hawaii.edu/chinesestudies/or follow us on Instagram @uhhawaiiccs for announcements.

Tuesday January 17: Inter-regional Dialogue. “The US-Japan Alliance and Taiwan”.Adam Liff, Associate Professor of East Asian International Relations, Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies, Indiana University. Organized by and in conversation with Kristi Govella, Director, Center for Indo-Pacific Affairs. UHM. Co-sponsors: CCS, Center for Japanese Studies, Department of Asian Studies, Department of Political Science, and East-West Center. This session will be held in person in Moore Hall Room 258 as well as streamed via Zoom.

January 25, 2:00 – 3:30 pm: Book Launch/Interdisciplinary Faculty Dialogue. “After Autonomy: A Post-Mortem for Hong Kong’s First Handover, 1997-2019” (Palgrave, 2022) by Daniel Vukovich, Chair of the Comparative Literature Program, Hong Kong University.In conversation with Carole Petersen, UHM Law School, and Tim Summers, Chinese University of Hong Kong. Co-sponsor: UHM School of Law

February 8: Book Launch/Interdisciplanary Faculty Dialogue. “Friendship and Hospitality: The Jesuit-Confucian Encounter in Late Ming China” (SUNY Press, 2022) by Dongfeng Xu, Colgate University. In conversation with Wensheng Wang, UHM History, and Yiqun Zhou, Stanford University, East Asian Languages and Cultures. Co-sponsors: UHM Department of History and Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures

Friday February 24, 2:00 – 3:30 pm: Faculty Roundtable. “Cooperation between Chinese and American Universities in the New Geopolitical Contexts?” Moderator: Baoyan Cheng, UHM Comparative and International Education. Speakers: Qiang Zha, York University (Canada); Denis Simon, University of North Caroline-Chapel Hill; Hantian Wu, Zhejiang University. Co-sponsors: UHM Department of Educational Foundations

March 1: Faculty Roundtable. “Epigraphic and Archeological Materials as Sources for Daoist Lived Religion”, Moderator: Jon Pettit, UHM Department of Religion. Speakers: Gil Raz, Dartmouth College, plus two members of his team will discuss their findings. Co-sponsor: UHM Department of Religion

Thursday March 9: Community Voice. ” The Future of the Visitor Industry in the State of Hawaii: Opportunities and Challenges Associated with China and Other Markets after the COVID-19 Pandemic”. Ivan Hsing Wen, UHM Travel Industry Management in conversation with Malia Sanders, CEO of NaHHA (Native Hawaiian Hospitality Association), Caroline Anderson, Director of Planning, Health Technology Assessment, and Judie Goo, Senior Brand Manager, Health Technology Assessment. Co-sponsors: UHM Travel Industry Management School, Native Hawaiian Hospitality Association, and the Hawai’i Tourism Authority 

March 22 CCS Student Panel organized by Frank Perkins, Chair of the CCS Standing Committee on Student Activities (Details forthcoming)

March 29: Inter-regional Faculty Dialogue. “Counter-Occupying Americanism in South Korea and Taiwan: Taking Back the Spaces of US Base Culture in the Cold War Musical Number”. Evelyn Shih, Asian Languages and Civilizations, University of Colorado-Boulder, in conversation with David Krolikoski and Andre Haag, UHM East Asian Languages and Literature. Co-sponsors: UHM Department of East Asian Languages and Literature and the Dane Lee Funds for East Asian Literatures 

April 5: Faculty Dialogue. “Hybrid Approaches to Chinese Language Instruction in China”. Jingjing Song, Xiamen Institute of Technology, Visiting Researcher at CCS. Moderator: Cyndy Ning, CCS Associate Director, in conversation with Dongping Zheng, UHM Department of Second Language Studies, and Song Jiang, UHM Department of East Asian Languages and  Literature. Co-sponsors: UHM Department of Second Language Studies and UHM Department of East Asian Languages and Literature

April 12: Interdisciplinary Faculty Dialogue. “Confucianism and a Chinese Model of Global Governance of Social Media”. Junchao Wang, Media Studies, Tsinghua University, Visiting Researcher at UHM School of Communications and Information (SCI). Moderator: Gerald Kato, UHM, SCI, in conversation with Franklin Perkins, UHM Philosophy, and Jenifer S. Winter, UHM SCI. Co-sponsors: UHM SCI and UHM Department of Philosophy 

April 19: Faculty Roundtable, organized by Jon Pettit. “Tibetan Women Writing: Journeys through the Borderlands”. Moderators: Jon Pettit and Anna Stirr. Speakers: Tashi Dekyid Monet, PhD candidate, University of Virginia; Jue Liang, Denison University, Religion; Andrew S. Taylor, The College of Saint Scholastica, Theology and Religious Studies. Co-sponsors: UHM Department of Religion and Center for South Asian Studies

April 26, 2:00 – 3:30 pm: Interdisciplinary Faculty Roundtable. “The Future of Area Studies: Lessons from China and the U.S”. Speakers: Yin Cao, History, Tsinghua University, China; Ying Cheng, Department of Asian and African Languages and Cultures, Peking University, China; Barbara Andaya, Asian Studies, UHM; Charles Laughlin, East Asian Languages and Literature, University of Virginia. Co-sponsors: UHM Department of Asian Studies, Center for Southeast Asian Studies