Summer 2018 course: China in World History

HIST 421
Writing Intensive
Summer Session One, 2018
MTWRF 10:30-11:45am, SAKAM A103
Meets DH and WI requirements
Prof. Wensheng Wang,

Pictures of terra-cotta warriors, old-fashioned imperialists dividing up China, and spotlights on 21st CENTURY CHINAChina is both the world’s oldest continuous civilization and the most populous modern state. Its extraordinary rise in the past forty years is by no means a brand-new phenomenon. Instead it represents a resurgence, a return to a center stage in world affairs that Chinese occupied in most of their traditional history. How to understand China’s changing position, significance, and function in the evolution of world history? How to make sense of China’s highly unique model of development? Will the 21st century be “the Chinese Century”? This writing-intensive course will help you tackle these questions by providing a better understanding of China’s past, present and future in an increasingly globalized context.

Major topics:
1. Chinese view of the world and Sino-centric tributary system
2. Confucianism, Buddhism and Christianity
3. Great Divergence between China and Western Europe
4. Maritime history and transnational piracy
5. Foreign trade and international relations
6. Environmental change and sustainable development
7. Post-1978 Reform and Chinese model of development