October 2015

CCS China Seminar: Panel Presentation by Parvin Fellows 11/4 (WEDNESDAY)

11/4 (WEDNESDAY), panel presentation: “The Media and Journalism in Contemporary China”. Panelists: Du Baiyu, International News Reporter, Xinhua News …

Old News

News Academic events: Feb. 21, MIT scholar Huang Yasheng to give two free talks at UHM Feb. 9th …

CCS China Seminar: Talk by George Wang 10/16

10/16, George Wang (UHM Academy for Creative Media), “The 2014 Hong Kong Protests: A Photographic Documentation”

CCS China Seminar: Talk by Zheng Dongping 11/13

11/13, Zheng Dongping (UHM Second Languages Studies), “Technology, Culture and Language Learning: The Power of Abduction”

CCS China Seminar: Talk by Christian Peterson 11/6

11/6, Christian Peterson (UHM Anthropology), “A Comparative Analysis of Socioeconomic Inequality in Neolithic Northern China and Prehispanic Mesoamerica”

CCS China Seminar: Talk by Xu Di 10/23/15

10/23, Xu Di (UHM College of Education), “Educational Philosophy – East, West, and Beyond: A Reading and Discussion of Xue Ji (學記)”

CCS China Seminar: Talk by Fred Blake 10/30

10/30, Fred Blake (UHM Anthropology), “The Ethnic Factor in Modern China—Nine Theses”