Library Check-Out Form

Our library offers a wide variety of Chinese short story books for learners at all levels of Chinese to books in English about China’s society, culture, history, and etc.

We have a variety of short story books for Reading Chinese for Fun Program, where Chinese language students will be reading fun short stories in and out of their Chinese class to develop reading fluency and improve overall Chinese proficiency.

According to research, reading extensively is the most effective way to improve fluency. You will be able to acquire vocabulary and grammar faster and more naturally, and train your brain to think in Chinese!

Step 1.

Select your desired book from the Chinese Language Flagship Program Library. (Any textbooks cannot be checked-out.)

Step 2.

Fill out the Google Form below to complete the borrowing process. 


  • If you are borrowing more than one book at a time, please fill out a separate form for each book.  
  • Books must be returned by the end of the semester. 
  • If you have trouble accessing the form, please click here to open it in a different tab.