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Global Public Health Scholars

A partnership of the Chinese Language Flagship Program and the Office of Public Health Studies at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa

  • The Global Public Health Scholars Program combines expertise in public health with professional proficiency in Mandarin and experience in global health settings in both Hawai’i and China or Taiwan.
  • Students apply and enroll in the program during their Freshman or Sophomore year
  • No previous knowledge or experience in Chinese language or health science is required
  • Upon successful completion of degree requirements, students earn both a Bachelor of Arts in Public Health and a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese, with Flagship Specialization.

The US federal government considers Chinese critical to the nation’s economic and national well-being. Flagship students engage in rigorous scholarship, achieving high levels of language and cultural proficiency in Mandarin, and are well-equipped for highly sought-after jobs. This dual degree program will specifically prepare students for advanced global health opportunities through preparation in both Chinese language and culture, and global public health practice and application. Graduates are well poised to assume leadership roles in international health and policy sectors and advocate for improved global health.

What is Public Health?

Public health is the science dedicated to health promotion and disease prevention in populations and communities. Global health applies public health practice to international health challenges, including clean water access, infectious disease epidemics/outbreaks, addressing climate change through international collaborations, and World Health Organization advocacy for disadvantaged populations. Public health professionals:

  • Empower people through health education
  • Inform policy to support healthy lifestyles and access to healthcare
  • Monitor, address, and prevent disease outbreaks and epidemics
  • Prepare for and respond to emerging worldwide disasters
  • Conduct research on disease management and injury prevention

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Health is designed to educate undergraduates interested in public health and/or health professions in the broad basic concepts in health education, practice, and research. Flagship students will focus on global health within their public health studies, and will complete their internship in China or Taiwan during their senior year. The Mānoa BA in Public Health is accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH).

For more information about the UH Mānoa Public Health program, visit:

Contact: Public Health Undergraduate Advisor (; (808) 956-5753)

What is the Chinese Language Flagship Program?

The Chinese Language Flagship Program is a federally funded undergraduate program designed to train students to high levels of language and cultural proficiency in combination with an additional major. To reach this goal, students participate in domestic language coursework, intensive summer language programs, and the Flagship Capstone Year in China or Taiwan. During this final year, students take courses in their fields in Chinese at our partner institution in China or Taiwan and complete an internship related to their professional and academic goals.

The Flagship program provides resources such as scholarship opportunities for overseas study and individual tutoring to scholars who are committed to completing the program.

Graduates of the program are able perform as professionals in their fields in both English and Mandarin. In addition to receiving a UH Mānoa degree, students also receive certification of their language proficiency through the National Security Education Program.

For more information about the Flagship program, visit:

Contact the Chinese Language Flagship Program with any questions at or 808-956-8844.

Sample: This is an unofficial sample academic plan for concurrent majors in Public Health and Chinese Language with Flagship Specialization is provided for reference only. Students should discuss their specific course selection with the Chinese Flagship Director and the Public Health academic advisors.

  • CHN 101 Elementary Mandarin I
  • CHN 102 Elementary Mandarin II
  • CHN 103 Accelerated Mandarin
  • CHN 201 Intermediate Mandarin I
  • CHN 202 Intermediate Mandarin II
  • CHN 204 Accelerated Intermediate Mandarin
  • CHN 205 Intermediate Chinese for Business Professionals
  • CHN 301 3rd Level Mandarin I
  • CHN 302 3rd Level Mandarin II
  • CHN 305 3rd Year Chinese for Business Professionals
  • CHN 366 (cross-listed as EALL 366) The City in Modern Chinese Literature and Visual Arts
  • CHN 401 4th Level Mandarin I
  • CHN 402 4th Level Mandarin II
  • CHN 405 4th Year Chinese for Business Professionals
  • CHN 409 High-Advanced Chinese I
  • CHN 410 High-Advanced Chinese II
  • CHN 411 Advanced Mandarin Conversation
  • CHN 422 Media Analysis
  • CHN 425 Readings in Chinese
  • CHN 453 Study of Chinese
  • CHN 457 Chinese Words and the Lexicon
  • CHN 461 Classical Chinese
  • CHN 470 Language & Culture of China
  • CHN 485 Chinese for Career Professionals I
  • CHN 486 Chinese for Career Professionals II
  • CHN 487 City in Modern Chinese Literature and Visual Arts (B/C/D): short stories/poetry & drama/novels & essays
  • CHN 488 Flagship Rhetoric and Composition Abroad
  • CHN 489 Flagship Media and Society Abroad
  • CHN 491 Oral Fluency through Movies
  • CHN 496 Overseas Internship in China
  • EALL 363C 20th Century Chinese Literature and Culture: 1949-present
  • PH 201 Introduction to Public Health
  • PH 202 Public Health Issues in Hawaii
  • PH 203 Introduction to Global Health
  • PH 210 Quantitative Reasoning for Public Health
  • PH 310 Introduction to Epidemiology
  • PH 341 Public Health Biology and Pathophysiology
  • PH 420 Social Behavioral Health I: Health Promotion for Individuals and Groups
  • PH 480 Application of Public Health Principles in Research and Practice
  • PH 485 Public Health Applied Learning Experience
  • PH 489 Public Health Undergraduate Capstone Seminar
  • PSY 100 Survey of Psychology
  • Comprehensive list of Public Health elective courses in Public Health