Face-to-Face Summer Chemistry Labs

UPDATE ON SUMMER LABS (5/15/2020):  All chemistry labs in summer session II have been approved to meet face-to-face with social distancing. The exact format will depend on the specific lab course, but, in general, students will complete some experiments in-person and others on-line. Students should plan accordingly.

UPDATE ON SUMMER LABS (4/5/2020):  Since all chemistry labs are offered only in summer session II, students who meet the prerequisites for the first course are allowed to register for 161L and 162L or 272L and 273L. This allows a GenChem student to complete Chem 161 on-line in summer session I, and then Chem 162, 161L and 162L in summer session II (Chem 161L between 7/6-7/24 and 162L between 7/27-8/14; Tentative lab schedules). An OChem student can complete Chem 272 in summer session I on-line, and then Chem 273, 272L and 273L in summer session II (Chem 272L between 7/6-7/24 and 273L between 7/27-8/14; Tentative lab schedule 272L and 273L). Students need to request a time override in this scenario. Students enrolled in just 273L or 162L must have passed the prerequisites previously.