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CHEM 110 – Chemistry in a Sustainable World

Chemistry plays a critical role in our ability to adapt to a changing and ever more crowded world, but chemicals can also cause problems when they are used improperly or in the wrong environment. In this course, we will explore the important roles for natural and man-made chemicals in making our life better in a sustainable and environmentally safe way. We will also explore a few examples where chemicals play a role in damaging our environment, serving as a cautionary note that one needs a clear understanding of how chemicals interact with the environment, whether they will naturally degrade, or how they will be properly contained and disposed of.

CHEM 110 (cross-listed as SUST 120) emphasizes environmental chemistry, green chemistry, and other similar topics. This course is intended for non-Chemistry majors and will be eligible for DP diversification credit, similar to Chem 100.

3 Credits

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