Congratulations to Dr. Ellinor Haglund on her NSF CAREER Grant!

Dr. Ellinor Haglund received a National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development Program grant and will be investigating the role of investigate the connection between protein topology and biology of a newly identified protein topology, namely the Pierced Lasso Topology (PLT). This project will also be integrated into an outreach program to teach students and non-scientists about topological constraints in nature with clear links to society.

2022 Summer and Fall TA positions

If you are interested in a position as a CHEM TA in summer and/or fall please complete the application using the link below by Feb 28th. 
You will need to reply to the form below and upload your CV and cover letter.  Your cover letter should describe how you meet the minimum qualifications listed on the form. Current chemistry graduate students, non-chemistry graduate students, casual hires and undergraduates will all need to complete the form. If you do not complete the form we will assume either your advisor has opted to provide an RA appointment or you do not wish a TA appointment in the terms listed.