Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Service


To give recognition and award a University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa (UHM) Civil Service employee; a Buildings and Grounds Maintenance employee; an Administrative, Professional and Technical (APT) employee; and a Faculty Specialist employee for the outstanding work performance, service, leadership and contributions he/she has made to their office, department and UHM to promote excellence in higher education.

Award Eligibility

All full-time UHM Civil Service, Buildings and Grounds Maintenance, APT and faculty specialists employees who have been employed continuously for no less than twelve (12) consecutive months in a UHM college, school, department, or program may be nominated.

An employee previously nominated may be nominated again provided that the employee has not been a recipient of the Chancellor’s Award within the last five (5) years.

Criteria for Selection

Employees shall be nominated based on his/her outstanding work performance, service, leadership and contributions to their office, department and UHM to promote excellence in higher education.

Examples of outstanding accomplishments by an employee include the following:

  • Exceptional contributions to the achievement of the department’s program objectives
  • Encouragement of resource development (materials, equipment, etc.) to better serve the department and its program objectives
  • Active participation in departmental, college, and/or campus affairs
  • Continuous merit and competence in the department, and contribution to the progress and success of the program
  • Development or participation in development of creative solutions to difficult problems and contribution to improved services
  • Integrity and dedication to the program mission
  • Outstanding contributions to increased program efficiency
  • Participation in professional, campus and/or community affairs and promotion of a positive image of the UHM
  • For supervisors and managers of programs, successful management and planning of program functions including development and motivation of team of staff members

Procedure for Selection

  • Nominations must be submitted and received by Friday, February 16, 2018. Nomination forms may be downloaded from the current page (see the Nominate an Employee section below).
  • Each nomination and pertinent supporting information is limited to three (3) pages, which includes the one (1) page nomination form and two (2) pages for the justification narrative. In addition, each nominee is allowed a maximum of three (3) nominations, which may be from employees, students, and/or community members. Nominations are received in sequential order, and only the first three (3) nominations per candidate will be submitted to the awards review committee.
  • Submitted letters of support or recommendation will be counted toward the three (3) pages maximum per nomination and the three (3) nominations maximum per candidate.
  • A review committee will be selected to evaluate the nominees based on the nominations and supporting justification submitted.
  • The Chancellor’s Awards for Outstanding Service shall be awarded to
    • one (1) Civil Service employee
    • one (1) Buildings and Grounds Maintenance employee
    • one (1) APT employee, and
    • one (1) Faculty Specialist employee
  • The review committee will recommend two (2) nominees in each category to the Chancellor. The Chancellor will make the final selection.
  • Each recipient shall receive a $1,000 monetary award and a recognition certificate, as well as recognition at a campus awards ceremony.
  • The two (2) nominees recommended by the review committee in each category will be submitted for consideration for the Governor’s Award for Distinguished State Service. Please note that nominations for the Governor’s Award have a three (3) page limit. As such, if multiple nominations are received for an individual and the individual is one of the two (2) nominees, we may contact nominators for an abbreviated justification.
  • Nominees will be notified of their nomination and the identity of the nominator(s) upon completion of the committee reviews, unless otherwise specified.

Nominate an Employee

Nominations for the 2018 award are currently being accepted. Please follow the links below to view the Chancellor’s memo and open the form-fillable nomination form.

Chancellor David Lassner’s Memo (pdf)

Form-fillable Nomination Form (pdf)

Chancellor’s Citation for Meritorious Teaching

The Office of Faculty Development & Academic Support coordinates nominations for this award.

Nominate an Employee

Nominations for Chancellor’s Citation for Meritorious Teaching are coordinated by the Office of Faculty Development & Academic Support. Please visit for nomination information including criteria, eligibility requirements and submission procedures.