We are pleased to announce the publication of Biography 45.2, which which includes a tribute to Miriam Fuchs and our annual bibliography of works on life writing. Find it on Project Muse:  https://muse.jhu.edu/issue/49784.

Biography 45.2, Table of Contents

Editor’s Note

Remembering Miriam Fuchs

Miriam Fuchs, Life Writing, and Life

Craig Howes

A Voyage Beyond the Text as Self: Remembering Miriam Fuchs Holzman

Cynthia G. Franklin

Miriam: The Text Is Herself

Ellen G. Friedman

Miriam: Friend, Mentor, Scholar, and Teacher

Sarita Rai

Miriam, The Bookies, and I

Joseph H. O’Mealy

In the Warm Waters of Lanikai: Paddling with Miriam

Leinaala Davis

A Tribute to Miriam Fuchs: With Love from Her Student

Amy Carlson

Annual Bibliography of Works about Life Writing, 2021

Compiled by Zoë E. Sprott and Caroline Zuckerman


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