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Urban and Regional Planning in Asia and the Pacific

PLAN 630 Urban and Regional Planning in Asia (3)

Key issues and policies in urban planning, rural-urban relations, rural regional planning, and frontier settlement in Asia and the Pacific. Repeatable one time. (Cross-listed as GEO 630)

PLAN 632 Planning in Hawai‘i and Pacific Islands (3)

Urban and regional planning in island settings. Experiences in Hawai‘i, Polynesia, Melanesia, and Micronesia. Pre: graduate standing. (Cross-listed as SUST 632)

PLAN 633 Globalization and Urban Policy (3)

Urbanization and urban policies in the Asia and Pacific region with focus on the international dimension of national and local spatial restructuring.

PLAN 634 Shelter and Services in Asia (3)

Examines government and non-government organizations’ responses to urban and rural shelter issues and services in Asia.

PLAN 636 Culture & Urban Form in Asia (3)

Cultural and historical impact on urban form, contention of tradition and modernity in urban space, spatial expression of state and society, perception and utilization of urban design, evolution of urban form in selected Asian capitals. Pre: 310, 600, or ASAN 312. (Cross-listed as ARCH 687 and ASAN 636)

PLAN 637 Environment and Development (3)

Theories and practice of development; how changing development paradigms shape different ideas concerning the environment and the management of natural resources; emerging debates in development and environment in post-modern era. (Cross-listed as GEO 637)

PLAN 638 Asian Development and Urbanization (3)

Theories of globalization and sustainability in development, impacts of globalization and sustainability on development planning and policy formation, selected case studies of Asia-Pacific development. Pre: (630 or ASAN 600) with a grade of B or above. (Cross-listed as ASAN 638 and GEO 638)

PLAN 639 Community-based Natural Resource Management (3)

Concepts and theories of community, resource access, and governance. Practical challenges to CBNRM in contemporary political economy. Pre: graduate standing. (Cross-listed as GEO 639)