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Social Psychology (X5X)

PSY 250 Social Psychology (3)

Cognitive, behavioral, and emotional effects of people: interpersonal relations, attribution, attitudes, group behavior, stereotypes, social roles, aggression, helping, self-concept; applications. Pre: 100.

PSY 351 Cross-Cultural Psychology (3)

Psychological theories and cultural systems; understanding of own and other cultures; psychological and cultural perception of social motivation; cultural similarities and differences in interpersonal relations. Pre: 100.

PSY 352 Psychology of Human Sexuality (3)

Psychosocial aspects of human sexual relationships. Social psychology of emotional and physiological arousal, interpersonal attraction, and societal regulation of intimate relationships. Pre: 100.

PSY 459 Social Psychology: Advanced Topics (3)

In-depth coverage of some area of theory and research in social psychology. Repeatable to six credit hours.

PSY 650 Social Psychology (3)

Theories and research in social cognition and behavior.

PSY 653 Cross-Cultural Psychology (3)

Application of psychological theories to cross-cultural phenomena; assessment of cross-cultural processes and social motivations; culture and personality; research evaluation and design.

PSY 654 Psychology and Social Issues (3)

Conflict, dissent, community issues, problems; social change and its relation to mental disorder.

PSY 655 Applied Social Psychology (3)

Problems in use of social psychology principles in human affairs; multidisciplinary considerations.

PSY 656 Social Psychology of Love and Sex (3)

Seminar in psychosocial aspects of human sexual relationships. Social psychology of cognitive, emotional and physiological arousal, interpersonal attraction, mate selection, and antecedents and consequences of intimate relationships. Pre: consent. A-F only. (Spring only)

PSY 751 Seminar in Social Psychology (3)

Repeatable unlimited times.

PSY 759 Research in Social Psychology (3)

Supervised reading, discussion, research projects in areas of special interest. Repeatable unlimited times.