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Land Use and Infrastructure Planning

PLAN 640 Land Use Policies and Programs (3)

Land use public policy planning in urban and regional settings. Growth management and land use guidance systems. A-F only.

PLAN 641 Neighborhood and Community Land Use Planning (3)

Land use planning for urban neighborhoods and small towns. Theory and practice of neighborhood planning. Neighborhood and community dynamics, reinvestment, and stabilization.

PLAN 642 Planning Urban Infrastructure (3)

Introduction to the planning of various urban infrastructures. Explores approaches and tools to plan, evaluate, and regulate urban infrastructure systems in support of sustainable and resilient cities and communities.

PLAN 643 Project Planning and Management (3)

Examines project management in theory and practice and the roles and responsibilities of the project manager. Focuses on planning, organizing, and controlling the efforts of projects. A-F only.

PLAN 645 Land Use Planning (3)

Issues and methods of urban land use planning practice and plan making. A-F only. (Cross-listed as ARCH 641)

PLAN 647 Urban and Regional Planning for Sustainability (3)

Focus on ideology, conceptual models, accounting frameworks, appropriate technologies, and indicators of planning for sustainability. Central and local policies, plans, and best practices in various countries and settings will be covered. Graduate students only. A-F only. (Cross-listed as SUST 647)

PLAN 648 Urban Transportation Policy and Planning (3)

Theory and practice of urban transportation planning in developed and developing countries with an emphasis on the U.S., Asia, and Pacific region. A-F only.

PLAN 649 Asian Cities: Historical Evolution of Urban Form (3)

Examination of the impact of economy, society, and history on urban form; case studies of the evolution of Asian urban form. Pre: 310 or ASAN 312. (Once a year) (Cross-listed as ASAN 649)