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Experimental Psychology (X2X)

PSY 220 Introduction to Behavioral Psychology (3)

Outline of basic learning principles. A general, unified approach to study of human personality and behavior. Based upon a learning conception; various areas of psychology and the other social sciences are treated. Pre: 100.

PSY 225 Statistical Techniques (3)

Frequency distributions; graphic methods; central tendency; variability; correlation; reliability; tests of significance. Pre: 100.

PSY 322 Learning and Motivation (3)

Theoretical interpretations; survey of major theorists and contemporary controversial issues; major influences in classical and instrumental conditioning. Pre: 100. Recommended: 220.

PSY 324 Psychology of Emotion (3)

Survey of traditional views and leading theories, and research in related topics. Pre: 100. Recommended: 220 or 322.

PSY 325 Cognitive Psychology (3)

Survey of cognitive processes involved in perception, attention, memory, language, problem-solving, reasoning, judgment, intelligence and consciousness, among others. Pre: 100 or consent.

PSY 429 Experimental Psychology: Advanced Topics (3)

In-depth coverage of some area of theory and research, in cognitive psychology. Repeatable to six credit hours. Pre: 100.

PSY 622 Principles of Learning (3)

Survey of the principles of learning, including important discoveries in the development of the study of learning, major theories, and both basic and applied research in contemporary literature.

PSY 626 Cognitive Psychology (3)

In-depth survey of the computational and representational structures and processes of cognition. Special attention devoted to consideration of the relationship between brain, mind, and computation. Pre: 325 or consent.

PSY 627 Thinking (3)

Provides an introduction to higher cognition (thinking and reasoning) and its foundations, particularly as they relate to the larger field of cognitive science. A-F only. (Alt. years)

PSY 721 Seminar in Experimental Psychology (3)

Repeatable unlimited times.

PSY 722 Seminar in Learning (3)

PSY 729 Research in Experimental Psychology (3)

Supervised reading, discussion, research projects in areas of special interest. Repeatable unlimited times.