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Digital Imaging

ART 202 Introduction to Digital Imaging (3)

Combined theory and practice examining major techniques, concepts, and aesthetics in contemporary digital image production. Direct studio experience in essential software, printing techniques and hardware necessary in producing the gallery quality inkjet print. A-F only. Pre: 113.

ART 304 Digital Imaging: Professional Printing (3)

Combined theory and practice. Investigates industry standard methods for archival pigment printing. Techniques include: device calibration and profiling, black and white, coating techniques, mounting and adhesive techniques, professional portfolio presentation. A-F only. Pre: 202 (with a minimum grade of B).

ART 305 Digital Imaging: Alternative Printing (3)

Combined theory and practice. Merges digital printing, mark-making, photography, and traditional printmaking. Includes image transfers, lifts, precoating techniques, as well as printing on alternative substrates such as watercolor papers, metals, and cloth. Repeatable one time. A-F only. Pre: 202 (with a minimum grade of B).