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Developmental Psychology (X4X)

PSY 240 Developmental Psychology (3)

Emotional, mental, physical, social development from infancy to adulthood; interests and abilities at different age levels. Pre: 100.

PSY 341 Social Development of Children (3)

Survey of the social and emotional development of children and adolescents. Pre: 240 or HDFS 230.

PSY 342 Adult Development and Aging (3)

Overview from a multidisciplinary, life-span perspective. Includes research techniques, personality development, family relationships, occupational attainment, death. Pre: 100. Recommended: 240. (Cross-listed as COA 342)

PSY 442 Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology (3)

Social and emotional maladjustment in children and adolescents, developmental disabilities, pediatric psychology, psychological interventions with children and adolescents. Pre: 100. Recommended: 240.

PSY 449 Development Psychology: Advanced Topics (3)

In-depth coverage of some area of theory and research in developmental psychology. Repeatable to six credit hours. Pre: 240, 341, or consent

PSY 640 Developmental Foundations (3)

Historical, theoretical, and methodological foundations of developmental psychology.

PSY 642 Cognitive Development (3)

Familiarizes students with current research and theory in cognitive development through readings of original journal articles and monographs. Pre: 640 (or concurrent) or consent.

PSY 741 Seminar in Developmental Psychology (3)

Repeatable unlimited times.

PSY 749 Research in Developmental Psychology (3)

Supervised reading, discussion, research projects in areas of special interest. Repeatable unlimited times.