Advanced clinical experience in: (B) urology; (C) ophthalmology; (D) otolaryngology; (E) plastic surgery; (F) neurosurgery; (G) orthopaedics; (H) anesthesia; (I) surgical intensive care; (J)Sub-I– general surgery; (K) Sub-I–pediatric surgery; (M) diagnostic radiology; (N) radiation oncology; (O) EM Sub-I; (P) extramural elec in surg; (Q) Sub-I– cardiovascular; (R) surgical research; (S) surgical anatomy; (T) preceptorship in Asia; (U) biomedical technology design; (X) transplant surgery; (Y) bedside ultrasounds; (Z) laparoscopic skills. Repeatable one time for all except (U), (X), (Y), and (Z); repeatable two times for (U) and (X). Medical students only for (U), (X), (Y), and (Z). CR/NC only. Pre: 531 or 532 for all except (M), (U), and (Y); and consent for (R) and (S); admission into JABSOM for (U) and (Y).