Senior medical student elective providing advanced instruction on the theory and methods of mental health research as well as supervised participation in an assigned research project in the Department of Psychiatry. (B) adult inpatient PSTY; (C) child PSTY; (D) forensic PSTY; (E) journal editing; (F) community mental health; (G) PSTY aspects of OBGN, PED, MED, SURG; (H) sub-internship in adult PSTY; (I) substance abuse; (J) PSTY aspects of rehab medicine; (K) PSTY aspects of SURG; (M) PSTY consult liaison; (N) post-traumatic stress disorder; (O) extramural elective in PSTY; (Q) geriatric PSTY; (R) rural child PSTY; (S) public and rural PSTY; (T) mental health research. CR/NC only. Pre: 531 or 532, and fourth-year standing.