For nonmajors or for music majors in secondary performance fields. Individual instruction in solo vocal or instrumental performance at an advanced level. (B) voice; (C) piano; (D) organ; (E) conducting; (F) recorder; (G) classical guitar; (H) violin; (I) viola; (J) cello; (K) double bass; (M) flute; (N) oboe; (O) clarinet; (P) bassoon; (Q) saxophone; (R) trumpet; (S) French horn; (T) trombone; (U) tuba; (X) euphonium; (Y) percussion; (Z) other. Repeatable for six semesters for all other alphas; repeatable five times, up to 12 credits for (E). Juniors and seniors only for (E). A-F only. Pre: advancement from 231 or consent; any 231 or consent for (E).