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Law-Pacific and Asian Law (LWPA)

LWPA 514 Law and Society in Japan (V)

An extended historical review of the foundations of Japanese law in society: Japan’s adoption and adaptation of Chinese legal doctrines, continental European legal structures and ideas, and American influences. Consideration of the structure of contemporary law in Japan: a look at the various players in the legal system, some important legal doctrines, and the real-world operation of Japan’s laws today.

LWPA 553 Asian Pacific Insolvency Law (V)

Comparison of corporate insolvency law of selected Asian and Pacific island countries, with a focus on recently enacted laws and pending proposals that have followed the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis. Law students only. Recommended: LAW 515, LAW 554, LAW 562. (Alt. years)

LWPA 556 Asian Comparative Labor Law (V)

Area studies of Asian legal systems and issues, focusing on administration of Asian labor laws in a comparative context. Possible effects on foreign direct investment and foreign migrant contract workers. Comparison of Chinese, Japanese and other legal approaches in dealing with common issues.

LWPA 564 International Criminal Law (3)

Designed to give an understanding of international criminal law. Will review all aspects of international criminal law from substantive international crimes to criminal liability and sentencing by domestic and international tribunals. LAW majors only.

LWPA 565 Law and Society in Korea (3)

Provides students with an understanding of the law, society, and legal systems in Korea. Areas of law including constitutional, civil, criminal, and business are discussed. Emphasis on South Korea. Law majors only.

LWPA 569 Human Rights in Asia (V)

A survey of human rights norms, institutions, and implementation mechanism of international human rights law in light of the rapid development of regional cooperation and integration in Asia.

LWPA 569 Human Rights in Asia (V)

Offered to provide advanced human rights courses at the Law School. The purpose is to convey an understanding of the current situation concerning human rights in Asia, and to facilitate a chance to think about what the future may bring.

LWPA 575 (Alpha) Topics in International Legal Studies (V)

Selected topics presented by faculty members or visiting scholars, focusing upon subjects in the Pacific and Asian area. (B) business; (C) China; (G) global; (H) Philippines; (I) India; (J) Japan; (K) Korea; (P) Pacific; (S) Southeast Asia; (T) Topic 10; (U) Topic 11; (V) Topic 12; (W) Topic 13; (X) Topic 14. LAW majors only for (B) and (H). Repeatable six times for (C), (I), (J), (K), (P), (S), (T), (U), (V), (W), (X); repeatable five times, up to 18 credits for (B), (H); not repeatable for (G).

LWPA 579 International Business Transactions (V)

An examination of the law, rules, and practices relating to transborder commercial transactions. Roughly half of the semester focuses on international sales transactions, the remaining portion focuses on domestic and multinational governance of the international business arena.

LWPA 581 Native Hawaiian Rights (V)

Status and evolution of rights of Native Hawaiians to the land and its usufructs. Potential of utilizing native rights based on statute, custom, and use to develop new and expanded rights.

LWPA 582 (Alpha) Topics-Native Hawaiian Law (V)

Specific topic areas depend on current developments and issues in Native Hawaiian and Indigenous law in Hawai‘i, the nation, and internationally, and expertise of faculty and visiting faculty. (B) policy and governance; (C) business and economic development; (D) law and culture; (E) Indigenous peoples, (F) Indigenous environment and sustainability. Repeatable up to 9 credits. LAW students only.

LWPA 583 Legal History of Hawai‘i (V)

Designed to acquaint the student with the unique legal history of Hawai‘i, emphasizing particular legal controversies that have shaped the law of our island society. LAW majors only.

LWPA 584 Emerging Hawai‘i Water Issues (V)

Introduction to the legal framework for water resource management in Hawai‘i; case studies illuminate the litigation process and evolution of the public trust, precautionary principle, and other legal, scientific, and policy areas.

LWPA 585 International Law (V)

Evolving process of formulating rules to govern nations and peoples of the world in their attempts to solve problems recognized as requiring global solutions.

LWPA 586 Law and Society in China (V)

Overview of the historical foundations of Chinese law and introduction to the present legal system in the People’s Republic of China. Repeatable one time. (Cross-listed as ASAN 686)

LWPA 587 Comparative Law (V)

Introduction to the civil law tradition, particularly as exemplified by the legal systems of East and Southeast Asia. After a brief review of comparative law study and the historical development of the civil law, the course will examine the structure and role of the courts, judicial process, the legal profession and constitutional law and administrative law in Western Europe and in the Asian civil law countries.

LWPA 588 International Human Rights Advocacy (V)

Applying international human rights law and legal skills to promote and protect human rights by way of United Nations Charter-based human rights mechanism, treaty-based mechanism, or other international human rights institutions.

LWPA 590 International Economic Law (V)

Problem-based course teaches theory and practice of interrelated global private regulation and public development consequences, as situated in cross-border transactions and dispute resolution in world law, international investment law, and international financial law.

LWPA 594 Pacific Islands Legal Systems (V)

Study of substantive rules of one or more Pacific Islands jurisdictions, development of legal systems, relationship of legal systems to culture and tradition.

LWPA 596 International Intellectual Property (V)

Primer on the World Intellectual Property Organization and the treaties it administers. Will explore the various international legislative and judicial developments in intellectual property as well as analyze international methods to harmonize several regional and national laws to protect rights in trademarks, patents, and copyrights. Students will be exposed to issues of territoriality and jurisdiction, international antitrust issues, and international dispute resolution, and human rights implications of international intellectual property rights protections. Pre: LAW 535.