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Law-Law Research (LWLR)

LWLR 501 Legal Research (V)

Provides a theoretical understanding of the process of law making and of developing and implementing a research plan. LAW majors only.

LWLR 505 Scholarly Research Methods (V)

Learn to plan the prewriting process for such scholarly assignments as Second Year Seminar (SYS), writing for law review, moot court competitions, and in any course involving a scholarly approach to research and writing. LAW majors only.

LWLR 510 (Alpha) Advanced Legal Research (V)

Designed to meet the needs of students who require an advanced course on research in a specific area of law. (E) environmental law research; (F) foreign law research; (H) Hawai‘i law research; (I) international and foreign law research; (P) prepare to practice; (Q) topic 5; (R) topic 6; (S) topic 7; (T) topic 8; (U) topic 9; (V) topic 10. Each alpha repeatable four times, up to 15 credits. LAW students only.