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Law-Journal and Team Credits (LWJT)

LWJT 536 (Alpha) Moot Court Team (V)

An honors program for students who prepare for and compete in national advocacy. Travel/registration fees required. (B) Black Law Students Association; (C) client counseling; (D) Hispanic Bar Association; (E) environmental law; (H) Native American; (J) Jessup international; (K) international environmental law; (M) intellectual property; (N) labor; (O) other; (S) space law; (T) trial team. Repeatable one time; up to four credits for (S) and (T). CR/NC only. Pre: selection by competition.

LWJT 545 Law Review (V)

Students selected for the Law Review editorial board have responsibility for editorial research, writing, and production of the Law Review published by the School of Law. Repeatable four times. CR/NC only.

LWJT 546 Asian-Pacific Law Journal (V)

Students selected for the Asian-Pacific Law and Policy Journal editorial board have writing, researching, editorial and production responsibility for publication of the journal. Repeatable five times. CR/NC only.