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Law-Environmental Law (LWEV)

LWEV 503 Wildlife and Natural Resources Law (V)

Seminar covering federal and Hawai‘i laws that govern the management of wildlife resources, with a particular focus on wildlife conflicts arising in Hawai‘i.

LWEV 504 Conservation Transactions (V)

Real estate transactions are an important and growing conservation strategy; examines land transactions within the environment of conservation. (Once a year)

LWEV 512 Environmental Compliance and Regulated Industries (V)

In depth study of the federal and state environmental laws that impact modern businesses and industries, and exploration of the compliance issues that arise under the statutes, regulations, and case law.

LWEV 527 (Alpha) Topics in Environmental Law (V)

Study of contemporary topics in environmental law to change periodically as to issues and topics. (B) advanced environmental law; (C) regulatory; (D) legislature; (E) policy; (F) judicial. Repeatable six times.

LWEV 528 International Environmental Law (V)

Study of the international regulation of activities and processes used to prevent environmental degradation and to preserve resources of environmental value.

LWEV 529 Environmental Litigation Seminar (V)

Seminar on the techniques, law, and strategy involved in federal and state court environmental litigation.

LWEV 530 Climate Change Law and Policy (V)

Climate change is a core challenge that will influence law and policy well into the future. Students will study climate change science, litigation, law and policy at state, national, and international levels. (Once a year)

LWEV 540 Hazardous Waste Law (V)

Examination of major federal statutes, regulatory and case law, and Hawai‘i counterparts. Policies behind hazardous waste laws and their impact on individuals, community, and businesses.

LWEV 582 Environmental Law (V)

Basic statutory law and policy questions and problems concerning the environment. Focus on federal Hawai‘i issues.

LWEV 588 Legal Aspects of Water Resources and Control (V)

Legal aspects of water and water rights with focus on Hawai‘i.

LWEV 592 Domestic Ocean and Coastal Law (V)

Examination of U.S. and Hawai‘i ocean and coastal law covers modern issues concerning the protection and use of the native environment including challenges in Hawai‘i.

LWEV 593 International Ocean Law (V)

Examination of the history of international ocean law, including comprehensive coverage of modern problems and issues concerning the laws of the sea.