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CAS 099 International Exchange (V)

Designed for students accepted for participation in an international exchange program while enrolled at UH Mânoa. CR/NC only. Pre: Admittance to an international exchange program.

CAS 101 Using Information Critically (3)

Concepts and practice for effective information seeking, evaluation, and use in context of information technology and libraries. Research framework structures activities involving fiction, film, scholarly studies, writing, oral presentation; original research is culminating project. A-F only.

CAS 102 RAP Foundation Course (3)

Focus on communication and research skills. Multilevel work with technology, community service, linking with K–12 students, creation of museum exhibits. A-F only. Open only to RAP students.

CAS 111 Integrating Seminar II (1)

Through the use of a unifying theme, students explore linkages with academic disciplines represented in Freshman Learning Communities. Theme examples: diversity, epistemology. A-F only. (Spring only)

CAS 200 (Alpha) Scholar Seminars (1)

Discussion based seminar led by senior faculty/administrator. Students meet with instructor for 1 hour once a week. Discussion based seminar led by senior faculty/ administrator. Students meet with instructor for 1 hour once a week. Freshmen may take up to three alphas. (H) scholar seminar; (I) scholar seminar; (J) scholar seminar; (K) scholar seminar; (M) scholar seminar. A-F only.

CAS 301 ACE Mentoring: Facilitating Student Development (4)

Theoretical foundations in student learning and holistic development. Practical leadership
skills acquisition and application through the facilitation of a seminar for new freshmen. Repeatable one time. A-F only. Pre: consent. (Fall only)

UNIV 110 University Experience (1)

An introduction to the university community; topics include critical thinking, the value of higher education, cultural and transition issues. A-F only.