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Ocean and Resources Engineering (ORE)

ORE 202 Ocean Technology—Man in the Sea (3)

Survey of human activities in the ocean, from the most traditional to the most innovative technical and engineering accomplishments.

ORE 203 Surf Science and Culture (3)

Introduction to wave science covering generation, propagation, transformation, and coastal processes related to surfing and the human interaction with the ocean using Western science and cultural perspectives. Sophomore standing or higher. A-F only.

ORE 203L Surf Science and Culture Lab (1)

Practical laboratory dedicated to wave science covering generation, propagation, transformation, and coastal processes related to surfing and the ocean environment through technology. A-F only.

ORE 330 Mineral and Energy Resources (3)

Hard mineral and petroleum origins, exploration and exploitation. Renewable and non-renewable resources distribution. Political and scientific constraints. A-F only. Pre: 202 or OCN 201, or consent. (Cross-listed as OCN 330)

ORE 411 Buoyancy and Stability (3)

Ship nomenclature and geometry, hydrostatic principles of surface ships and underwater vehicles in free-floating, partially waterborne, and damaged conditions. Subdivision of ships. Launching. Pre: CEE 270 or equivalent.

ORE 601 Ocean and Resources Engineering Laboratory (3)

Design, construction, and evaluation of an engineering system. Laboratory and field experience and data analysis supplemented with appropriate theory. Pre: 603 and 607, or consent.

ORE 603 Oceanography for Ocean Engineers (3)

Physical, chemical, biological, and geological ocean environments for ocean engineers. Introduction to ocean dynamical processes and general circulation. Ocean measurement techniques, theory of underwater acoustics. Sonar, swath bathymetry, and tomography applications. Pre: consent.

ORE 607 Water Wave Mechanics (3)

Governing equations in free surface flow, deterministic and probabilistic wave theories, wave transformation, wave-induced coastal currents, tides, ocean engineering operational sea state, and design wave criteria. Pre: consent.

ORE 608 Probability and Statistics for Ocean Engineers (3)

Probability and statistical analysis including distributions, multiple regression and correlation, autocovariance, cross-spectra, and practical applications in ocean engineering. Pre: 607 or consent.

ORE 609 Hydrodynamics of Fluid-Body Interaction (3)

Hydrodynamics of ships, coastal and offshore structures. Wave forces by potential theory and by Morison’s equation. Method of source distribution for potential flow problems. Flows with prescribed body motion, fixed and freely floating bodies. Pre: 607 or consent.

ORE 612 Dynamics of Ocean Structures (3)

Response of floating platforms and vessels to wave action, spectral analysis in sea keeping. Frequency and time domain analyses of rigid body motions in six degrees of freedom. A-F only. Pre: 411 or consent. Co-requisite: 609 or consent.

ORE 621 Coastal Flood Mitigation (3)

Design and solutions to coastal flood mitigation problems. Topics include climate adaptation; engineering solutions and best practices to mitigate coastal risk under different ocean hazard scenarios; and ecological approaches to mitigate coastal risk. Pre: consent; knowledge of AutoCAD and ORE 661 desirable. (Cross-listed as CEE 621 and SUST 621)

ORE 624 Coastal Modeling (3)

Coastal modeling using the SMS Surface-Water Modeling software. Applications to solving coastal problems for different ocean hazard scenarios by applying models for tides, waves, coastal circulation, wave-current interaction, sediment transport, and/or morphology change. Pre: consent; knowledge of ORE 607 desirable. (Cross-listed as CEE 624 and SUST 624)

ORE 630 Structural Analysis in Ocean Engineering (3)

Structural and finite element analyses and design of ocean structures to withstand hydrostatic and hydrodynamic loading of the sea. Considerations include material type, safety factor, stress concentration, and fatigue. Pre: consent. Co-requisite: 411.

ORE 641 Environmental Fluid Dynamics (3)

Fluid dynamics for coastal and estuarine environments. Turbulent mixing processes in homogeneous and stratified fluids. Buoyancy driven flows, internal hydraulics, topographic effects and estuarine circulation. Spill and pollutant dispersal. Pre: 603 or consent.

ORE 654 Applications in Ocean Acoustics (3)

Using sound to observe the ocean. Fundamentals of propagation. Topics include marine mammals, navigation and communication, seismics, ships, wind and rain, ocean dynamics, flow and biological imaging and measurement, seafloor mapping, and the forward/ inverse problem. Pre: consent. (Once a year)

ORE 657 Autonomous Marine Systems (3)

Identifies the unique challenges faced by autonomous underwater and surface vehicles, and analyzes approaches to address those challenges. Topics include hydrodynamic vehicle modeling, propeller theory, subsystem integration, and
motion control strategies. Graduate students only. Pre: MATH 307 or MATH 311 (or equivalent), and EE 351 or ME 451 (or equivalent), or instructor consent. (Cross-listed as ME 657)

ORE 661 Coastal and Harbor Engineering (3)

Planning and design of seawalls, groins, jetties, breakwaters, and layout of ports. Design requirements for harbor entrances and channels. Littoral drift and sedimentation problems. Navigation and mooring requirements. Pre: 607 or consent.

ORE 664 Nearshore Processes and Sediment Transport (3)

coastal areas and its effect on morphological processes. Effect of man-made structures on littoral drift and shoreline. Pre: 607 or consent.

ORE 677 Marine Renewable Energy (3)

Ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) systems: applicability, thermodynamics, design challenges; wave energy converters: floating devices, oscillating water column, optimal hydrodynamic performance; current, tidal, and offshore wind power. Pre: 607; basic knowledge of thermodynamics desirable. (Cross-listed as SUST 677)

ORE 678 Marine Mineral Resources Engineering (3)

Activities in marine minerals development are examined in a multidisciplinary systems approach involving engineering, Earth and environmental sciences and economics. Pre: graduate standing or consent.

ORE 680 Ocean Engineering and Resilience in a Changing Climate (3)

Focus on understanding the changing ocean conditions (e.g. waves and sea levels)
relevant to the resilience of practical ocean engineering applications. Graduate students only. Pre: 607 or consent. (Spring only)

ORE 695 Plan B Master’s Project (3)

Independent study for students working on a Plan B master’s project. A grade of Satisfactory (S) is assigned when the project is satisfactorily completed. Pre: master’s candidacy in ORE.

ORE 699 Directed Reading or Research (V)

Repeatable unlimited times. Pre: graduate standing and consent.

ORE 700 Thesis Research (V)

Repeatable unlimited times. Pre: candidacy for MS in ocean and resources engineering.

ORE 707 Nonlinear Water Wave Theories (3)

Higher-order theories. Forced oscillations. Stoke’s theory. Nonlinear shallow-water wave equations and hydraulic jumps; effects of rotation. Internal waves. Analytical techniques necessary will be developed as course progresses. Pre: 607 with a B- grade.

ORE 766 Numerical Methods in Ocean Engineering (3)

Formulation and application of numerical methods for simulating and solving ocean engineering problems. Mathematical and computational fundamentals; accuracy and stability; numerical interpolation, differentiation, and integration; boundary element, finite difference, and finite element methods. Pre: consent.

ORE 783 (Alpha) Capstone Design Project (3)

Major design experience based on knowledge and skills acquired in earlier course work and incorporating realistic constraints that include economic, environmental, ethical, social, and liability considerations. Emphasis is placed on teamwork and consultant-client relationship. (B) coastal engineering; (C) offshore engineering; (D) ocean resources engineering; (E) oceanic engineering. ORE majors only. Pre: (411, 603, and 607) with a minimum grade of B-; or consent. (Fall only for (E))

ORE 791 Special Topics in Ocean and Resources Engineering (V)

Content will reflect special interests of visiting and permanent faculty. Repeatable unlimited times. Pre: consent.

ORE 792 Seminar in Ocean and Resources Engineering (1)

Attendance at 15 approved seminars is required along with submission of notes.

ORE 800 Dissertation Research (V)

Repeatable unlimited times. Pre: candidacy for PhD in ocean and resources engineering.