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Earth and Planetary Exploration Technology

EPET 201 Space Exploration (3)

Introduction to the science or engineering of Solar System exploration. Covers science instruments, mission trajectories (fly-by, orbit, or lander), and science and engineering constraints imposed on spacecraft design. Lectures, discussions, class projects. A-F only. (Spring only) (Cross-listed as ME 201)

EPET 301 Space Science and Instrumentation (4)

Essential techniques for remote compositional analysis of planets; understanding spectroscopy, mineralogy, and geochemistry of planetary surfaces and their measurement. Design of space flight instrumentation. A-F only. Pre: 201, or ERTH 101 and ERTH 101L
and ERTH 105, or ERTH 101 and ERTH 107; and CHEM 161 and PHYS 272. (Fall only) (crosslisted as ME 301)

EPET 400 Space Mission Design (4)

Will cover all aspects of spacecraft design, subsystems, science payload, systems engineering, project management, and budgets that are important to producing a fully successful mission. A-F only. Pre: 301. (Spring only) (Cross-listed as ME 400)

EPET 401 Capstone Project: Producing a Science Satellite (4)

Develops a space mission with a multidisciplinary team of engineers and scientists using concurrent science and engineering methodologies. Will build a small spacecraft and payload. The project will seek to answer important science questions. A-F only. Pre: 301 and 302. (Fall only) (cross-listed as ME 401)