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Library and Information Science (LIS)

LIS 591 Library and Information Studies Workshop (V)

Designed for in-service librarians and other information specialists needing to update their professional skills, focus on a particular topic, or learn new approaches and concepts. Repeatable for credit. Credits earned in these courses cannot be applied for graduate degrees.

LIS 601 Introduction to Reference and Information Services (3)

Philosophy, principles, and practice of reference services in libraries, information centers and information literacy. Bibliographic control, reference research, reference interview, online searching, evaluation of bibliographic and Webliographic material. Field component. MLISc degree required course.

LIS 602 Resource Discovery (3)

Techniques and strategies for discovery of information resources from professional online databases and the Web. Query formulation and use of advanced functions to match retrieved resources with user needs for research and reference work. A-F only. Graduate students only. Pre: 601.

LIS 605 Metadata Creation for Information Organization (3)

Theory and practice of metadata creation for organization of information resources, cataloging code for resource description and access, Library of Congress and Dewey Decimal Classification schemes, use of OCLC.

LIS 610 Foundations of the Information Professions (3)

Lecture/discussion/survey of the information professions, development of professional identity, professional values and ethics, historical development, current issues in the information professions.

LIS 611 Intellectual Freedom (3)

Seminar surveying the core philosophical principles and practices of intellectual freedom with special application to librarianship and information sciences. LIS majors only. A-F only. Pre: departmental approval. (Alt. years)

LIS 612 History of Information (3)

History of the recording, preservation, and transmission of knowledge. Development of libraries and other information organizations as instruments of cultural transmission.

LIS 614 Navigating Information Organizations (3)

Principles of effective management of information organizations, with emphasis on organizational information flows, team skills, communication, planning, resource allocation, assessment, outreach, and advocacy. Graduate students only. A-F only.

LIS 615 Collection Management (3)

Principles and issues of collection management and care. Criteria and tools for selecting and deselecting materials. Relationships with publishers/producers.

LIS 619 Preservation Management (3)

Introduction to preservation management. Focus on management strategies for preservation of materials in libraries and archives. Covers preservation planning, condition surveys, disaster planning, grantsmanship, and basic issues relating to deterioration. LIS majors only.

LIS 630 Community Engagement (3)

Explores how information professionals in libraries and other settings collaborate with community members and organizations. Provides an overview of theory and practice emphasizing critical analysis of policies, services, and trends. Required course for CALIS. A-F only. (Alt. years)

LIS 631 Introduction to Hawai‘i and Pacific Librarianship (3)

Overview of resources and issues concerning librarianship in Hawai‘i and the Pacific Islands. Reference strategies and materials to answer common research questions, collection development, and management issues. A-F only. Graduate students only.

LIS 633 Indigenous Librarianship (3)

Development and delivery of information services with and for indigenous communities. Issues include cultural protocols, traditional knowledge organization and ethics of access. A-F only. Graduate students only.

LIS 634 Multicultural Resources for Diverse User Groups (3)

Examines resources and materials targeted for diverse user populations in libraries and community organizations, locally and globally. Surveys issues and trends related to diversity initiatives affecting the publishing industry, libraries, and cultural institutions worldwide. A-F only. Graduate students only.

LIS 635 Traditional Literature and Oral Narration (3)

Analysis of traditional literature including Asian and Pacific Island resources. Selection and evaluation of traditional literature emphasizing cultural values. Introduction to oral tradition, history and techniques of storytelling.

LIS 636 Responding to Reading in Libraries (3)

Research-intensive seminar that explores the reading process in library contexts and similar settings. Critical examination of ways in which library and literacy services impact reading engagement and interests of library users. LIS majors only. Graduate students only.

LIS 641 Digital Librarianship (3)

Lecture with demonstrations to introduce the essential types of digital resources and the software tools for finding high quality and relevant information efficiently from digital journal archives and reference databases. Pre: 601 or consent.

LIS 645 Asian Research Materials and Methods (3)

Literature of Asia in Western and Asian languages; bibliography, reference tools, research methods, sources, published and archival repositories. Repeatable one time. (Cross-listed as ASAN 705)

LIS 648 Government Documents (3)

Survey of government documents at the federal, state/local and international levels in all formats. Covers methods of acquisition and organization, including depository arrangements. Current issues of government information dissemination policies and practices discussed. Pre: 601 or consent.

LIS 650 Management of Libraries and Information Centers (3)

Theories and principles of administration for effective management of libraries and information centers, with emphasis on planning, resource allocation, team skills, project management, assessment, leadership, outreach, and advocacy.

LIS 651 Archival Arrangement and Description (3)

Principles and techniques for arrangement and description of archival materials. Topics include basic metadata standards, authority sources, record context, series identification, scope and content.

LIS 654 Records, Archives and Memory (3)

Introduction to records, archives, and memory including the global history and nature of records, archives, and the archival profession. Topics include cultural memory, ethics and values, tribal and indigenous records, archival theory, practice and perspectives.

LIS 655 Digital Archives (3)

The role of technology in archival theory and practice. Topics include digital preservation, authenticity assessment, arrangement and description, content management, and access systems. A-F only. Graduate students only.

LIS 656 Moving Image Archives (3)

Principles and technologies of processing, preservation, and accessibility of archival audiovisual materials in moving image archives. Topics include moving image repositories, critical analysis of archival footage, format identification, digitization strategies, equipment, and vendor considerations. A-F only. Graduate students only.

LIS 657 Records Management (3)

Management of records in all media formats. Selection of media format based on government and internal records requirements. Problems associated with electronic media such as legality and shelf life.

LIS 658 Archival and Special Collections Management (3)

Management of archives, manuscript collections, and special collections using approaches and best practices from archival studies. Topics include management theory, appraisal theory, facilities issues, privacy, intellectual property, records management, advocacy, fundraising, reference, and educational outreach. Graduate standing only. A-F only.

LIS 659 Archival Access, Representation and Use (3)

Principles and techniques for arrangement and description of archival materials. Topics include basic metadata standards, authority sources, record context, series identification, scope, and content. LIS majors only. Graduate students only. Pre: 654.

LIS 661 Informatics (3)

Sociotechnical concepts and processes underlying information systems, services, and use. A-F only. Graduate students only.

LIS 662 Asian Informatics (3)

Lecture/discussion on the transformative effects of information and communication technologies in East Asia. Topics include media, mobile devices, social media, publishing, e-government, and e-commerce. A-F only. Graduate students only.

LIS 665 Digital Instruction (3)

Study and application of principles and practices that influence digital instruction related to information literacy in libraries and other information environments. Focus on application of instructional design and standards-based outcome assessment. Field research component.

LIS 672 Technology for Libraries and Information Centers (3)

Survey of theories, concepts, methods and practices relating to the application of information technology to support the administration and use of information resources. Includes digital, printed and audiovisual materials. Pre: consent.

LIS 673 Media Technology and Resources (3)

Overview of the use of media technology and the development of media collections and services in libraries. Use and integration of new emerging technologies, including problems and issues.

LIS 674 Database Design and Creation (3)

Designing and creating textual and/or directory databases from the viewpoint of information specialists and content providers. Needs analysis, file design, record content and structuring, software choice. Students implement prototype database. Pre: consent.

LIS 676 Creating Digital Libraries (3)

Principles, techniques, and technologies supporting the creation of user-centered digital libraries. Selection, organization, maintenance, access, and retrieval of digital collections. A-F only. Graduate students only.

LIS 677 Human Dimension in Information Systems (3)

Lecture/discussion on human element in information systems, including physical, cognitive and affective behavior in interaction with information systems. Information retrieval, human-computer interaction and cognitive science research, quantitative and qualitative research methods. Research component. Pre: consent.

LIS 681 Books and Media for Children (3)

History and criticism of children’s literature. Contemporary books and media. Trends in book publishing and media production. Developmental needs and interests of children. Selection and evaluation. Research studies.

LIS 682 Books and Media for Young Adults (3)

History and criticism of literature for young adults. Contemporary books and media. Trends in media for young adults. Developmental needs and interests of adolescents. Selection and evaluation. Research studies.

LIS 683 Services in Public Libraries (3)

Planning and implementing services and programming in public and school libraries. Trends, issues, networking, public relations, outreach, competencies, services for the disabled and other special groups.

LIS 686 Information Literacy and Learning Resources (3)

Process approach to teaching information retrieval, analysis, and use. Emphasizes concepts, practices ineffective instructional design, selection of resources that meets learning needs. Required for Librarian HDOE licensure. A-F only. (Cross-listed as EDCS 686 and LTEC 686)

LIS 690 Internship (V)

Field experience in library or information agency settings with supervision of professional librarians or information specialists. Available to classified students only. Selection based on academic advisor approval, application form, interview and possession of required competencies. Students must apply and be accepted before registration. Selection is by agency. Repeatable up to six credits. CR/NC only. Pre: 601 and consent.

LIS 691 Masters Seminar (3)

Seminar for graduating students focused on the refinement and completion of the culminating portfolio and preparation for professional practice. Peer mentoring and student presentations. MLISc degree Plan B required course. CR/NC only.

LIS 692 Masters Seminar II (2)

Seminar for graduating students focused on the refinement and completion of the culminating portfolio or thesis. Peer mentoring, faculty, and student presentations. MLISc degree required course. Graduate students only. CR/NC only. Pre: 691.

LIS 693 Special Topics in Information Studies (3)

Includes issues of topical interest in the information professions. Concentrates on one major topic of current interest, such as services for specific groups and special collections. Some topics may require prior background or knowledge. Repeatable unlimited times if course content is different.

LIS 694 Special Topics in Information Technology (3)

Includes issues of topical interest in information technology. Concentrates on one major topic of current interest, such as digital archives, content management systems and informatics. Some topics may require prior background or knowledge. Repeatable unlimited times if course content is different.

LIS 696 Practicum School Librarianship (V)

Skill development and application of academic study through observation and practice in a fieldwork program with accompanying seminar. Required for school library certification in Hawai‘i. Repeatable one time, up to six credits. LIS majors only. CR/NC only. Pre: 12 credits in LIS degree program and consent of practicum coordinator required.

LIS 699 Directed Reading and/or Research (V)

Individualized program of directed reading and/ or research outside the scope of regularly titled courses. Enrollment requires approval before end of previous semester, with specification of goals, work requirements, number of credits, rationale. Repeatable unlimited times, credit earned up to six credits.

LIS 700 Thesis Research (V)

Research for master’s thesis. Repeatable nine times.

LIS 701 Seminar in International Librarianship (3)

International and comparative librarianship; professional organizations; comparative methodology; research; periodicals; international agencies; influence of literacy and social, cultural, political factors.