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Ethnic Studies (ES)

ES 101 Introduction to Ethnic Studies (3)

Concepts and theories analyzing ethnic group experiences in relation to colonization, immigration, racism, and social class. Emphasis on cultural perspectives and values
rooted in the experiences of peoples indigenous to Hawai‘i, the Pacific, and Asia.

ES 101A Introduction to Ethnic Studies (3)

Concepts and theories analyzing ethnic group experiences in relation to colonization, immigration, racism, and social class. Emphasis on cultural perspectives and values
rooted in the experiences of peoples indigenous to Hawai‘i, the Pacific, and Asia.

ES 213 Race, Class, Gender in Popular Culture (3)

Contemporary issues of race, class, and gender in popular culture (film, television, music, social media, sports, etc.). Introduction to critical media analysis and social science theories and methods.

ES 214 Introduction to Race and Ethnic Relations (3)

Race and ethnic relations in world perspective; social, economic, and political problems associated with perception, existence, and accommodation of these groups within the wider society. (Cross-listed as SOC 214)

ES 221 Hawaiians (3)

The sustainable social system, culture, spirituality, language, land stewardship, and governance of Native Hawaiians. Transformation of the sustainable Hawaiian social system by a capitalist economy. Resiliency, land issues, and Native Hawaiian quest for sovereign governance. (Cross-listed as SUST 222)

ES 233 Filipinos in Diaspora (3)

Introduction to Filipinos in diaspora. Topics include: race, empire, migration, representation, cultural production, identity formation, and decolonization.

ES 301 Ethnic Identity (3)

Individual and group problems of identity, identity conflict, culture conflict, inter-ethnic relations. Critical review of available material on Hawai‘i. Pre: one DS or DH course.

ES 305 African American Experience I (3)

Afrocentric perspective. Analysis of the black political/cultural diaspora, including ancient African kingdoms, the slavery experience, organized resistance, emancipation struggles, the Civil War and Reconstruction. Pre: one DS or DH course.

ES 306 African American Experience II (3)

Black sociopolitical perspectives of the Reconstruction period, Jim Crow, intellectual and cultural awakenings, civil rights movements, and contemporary issues as examined through students’ written analysis and creative projects. Pre: one DS or DH course.

ES 308 Race, Indigeneity, and Environmental Justice (3)

Introduction to environmental justice, explores the premise that all people have a right to a life-affirming environment. Will examine environmental racism, and the geographical dimensions of race and indigeneity. Pre: one DS or DH course, or consent. (Cross-listed as SUST 318)

ES 310 Ethnicity and Community: Hawai‘i (3)

Site visits to museums, social welfare units, etc., as well as guest lecturers from the community including police, health, education. Pre: one DS or DH course. (Summer only)

ES 318 Asian America (3)

History of selected Asian immigrant groups from the 19th century to the present. Topics include: immigration and labor history, Asian American movements, literature and cultural productions, community adaptations and identity formation. Pre: junior standing or higher. (Cross-listed as AMST 318)

ES 320 Hawai‘i and the Pacific (3)

Hawai‘i as part of the Pacific community: selected historical and contemporary problems of Pacific areas; cultural and economic imperialism, land alienation, and the impact of development on Pacific peoples. Pre: one DS or DH course. (Cross-listed as SUST 321)

ES 330 Japanese in Hawai‘i (3)

Issei roots in Japan; the role of Japanese in labor, politics, and business; sansei and perspectives on local identity and culture. The Japanese in light of changing economic, social, and political conditions in Hawai‘i today. Pre: one DS or DH course.

ES 331 Power and Place: Chinatowns (3)

Historical and contemporary experiences of Chinese in Hawai‘i and the U.S. continent with a focus on Chinatowns; urbanization; economic development, community organizing; comparative racialization. Pre: one DS or DH course.

ES 333 Filipinos in Hawai‘i (3)

Historical and contemporary experiences; immigration; traditional culture and values; plantation experience; labor organizing; development of Filipino community; racism; discrimination; and ethnic identity. Pre: one DS or DH course.

ES 338 American Indian Experience (3)

Provides a comprehensive look at the indigenous foundation of life and society in the Americas and elaborates on historical and contemporary importance of American Indian rights issues. Pre: one DS or DH course.

ES 339 South Asian Migrants: Culture and Politics (3)

Historical and contemporary experiences of South Asian migrants in North America, Pacific, Caribbean, and/or African diasporas; causes and patterns of migration, inter-ethnic relations policies; role of race, gender, culture in community, identity formation. A-F only. Pre one ES or WGSS course in the 100, 200 or 300 level; or consent. (Once a year) (Cross-listed as WGSS 339)

ES 340 Land Tenure and Use in Hawai‘i (3)

Dynamics of change: indigenous Hawaiian land tenure; Great Mahele and Kuleana Act; ethnic succession of land ownership; concentration of ownership today; effects of land development on ethnic communities. Pre: one DS or DH course. (Cross-listed as SUST 341)

ES 345 The Sounds of Race and Inequality (3)

Explore inequality as manifested and contested in silence, music, dialect, nature, voice, and acoustic space by listening through a matrix of race, ethnicity, gender, class, and sexualities. Combination of hands-on work and current scholarship.

ES 350 Economic Change and Hawai‘i’s People (3)

Hawai‘i’s economic transformation from sustainable communal subsistence through mercantile capitalism, plantation capitalism, and global finance capital and impact on its people. Alternative sustainable enterprises for a self-sufficient island economy. Pre: one DS or DH course. (Cross-listed as SUST 351)

ES 360 Immigration to Hawai‘i and U.S. (3)

Historical overview: “push and pull factors”; effect of changing economy; experiences of various ethnic groups; problems of recent immigrants; immigration policies in the U.S. and Hawai‘i. Pre: one DS course.

ES 365 Pacific/Asian Women in Hawai‘i (3)

Adaptive strategies of Hawaiian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Samoan, and Southeast Asian women in Hawai‘i; feminist anthropological and historical analysis. Pre: one ANTH, SOC, or WGSS course. (Cross-listed as WGSS 360)

ES 370 Literatures of Hawai‘i (3)

Writings of various ethnic groups in Hawai‘i, ancient to contemporary. Songs, stories, poetry, fiction, essays that illustrate the social history of Hawai‘i. Pre: one ENG DL course or consent. (Cross-listed as ENG 370)

ES 372 Asian American Literature (3)

Basic concepts and representative texts for the study of Asian American literature by writers from a variety of backgrounds. Pre: one ENG DL course or consent. (Cross-listed as ENG 372)

ES 373 Filipino Americans: History, Culture and Politics (3)

An introduction to the study of Filipino Americans in the U.S. and the diaspora. The course pays special attention to labor migration, cultural production and community politics. Pre: sophomore standing. (Cross-listed as AMST 373)

ES 375 Issues of Diversity in Higher Education (3)

Examines issues of diversity within higher education. Examines different dimensions of diversity including ethnicity, gender, national origin, age, and sexual orientation. Will utilize national and local case studies. Junior class standing or higher. Pre: one DS or DH course.

ES 380 Fieldwork in Ethnic Studies (V)

Supervision of individual student research projects pertinent to ethnic studies, including service learning, civic engagement, internship, oral history, or supervised practicum experience in teaching select ethnic studies courses. Repeatable to total of 6 credit hours. Pre: consent.

ES 381 Social Movements in Hawai‘i (3)

Role of various contemporary movements for social change in Hawai‘i: community, ethnic, labor, student, etc. Theories of social movements and social change. Pre: one DS or DH course.

ES 390 Gender and Race in U.S. Society (3)

Historical and sociological studies of race and gender in U.S. society; grassroots feminist and racial/justice activism on the continent and in Hawai‘i. A-F only. Pre: 101 or WGSS 151 or junior standing. (Cross-listed as WGSS 390)

ES 391 Oceanic Gender, Sexual, and Kinship Identities (3)

Oceania-centric perspective. Analysis of imperialism, colonialism, gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, and queer(ed) relations and identities in Hawai‘i and the Pacific. Junior standing or higher. Pre: one DS or DH course, or consent. (Cross-listed as WGSS 371)

ES 392 Change in the Pacific—Polynesia (3)

Impact of cultural and physical change and their interrelationship. Pre: one DS or DH course.

ES 395 Multiethnic Popular Culture: Hip Hop (3)

Historical, social, cultural, and political aspects of the formation and development of Hip Hop culture in Hawai‘i and other Pacific islands. Special attention to the significance of Hip Hop in facilitating cultural interactions. Junior standing or higher. Pre: one DS or DH course or consent.

ES 399 Directed Reading/Research (V)

Repeatable up to 6 credits. Pre: consent only.

ES 400 Ethnic Studies in the Digital World (3)

The digitally networked world mediates race and ethnicity–and vice-versa. We will challenge racism and discrimination manifested in social media, changing notions of identity and group belonging, ewaste, gaming, big data, and more.

ES 410 Race, Class, and the Law (3)

Historical context and implications of landmark court decisions and legal issues affecting social change in ethnic communities in Hawai‘i and the continental U.S. Pre: one DS or DH course or consent.

ES 418 Women and Work (3)

Gender and racial division of labor nationally and internationally; racial and gender differentials in wages, training, working conditions and unemployment; historical trends and future directions. Pre: one 300-level ES or WGSS course, or SOC 300; or consent. (Cross-listed as SOC 418 and WGSS 418)

ES 420 American Ethnic and Race Relations (3)

Surveys ethnic and race relations in the U.S. Focus on historical conflicts and critical issues such as racism, immigration, affirmative action, changing economic structures, and the role of government. Pre: one DS or DH course.

ES 422 Mixed Race Identities, Multiracial Experiences (3)

Critically examines historical and contemporary issues surrounding mixed race identities and experiences through themes that resonate in localized contexts within the continental U.S. and Oceania. Pre: one DH or DS course, or consent.

ES 425 Filming Social Change (3)

Introduction to visual documentary theory and methods. Basic instruction in using digital video technology and hands-on production to tell visual stories and examine social issues related to diverse peoples, cultures, and communities through video projects. A-F only. Pre: one DH or DS course, or consent. (Cross-listed as COM 425)

ES 440 Contemporary Diasporas in Comparative Perspective (3)

Compares the circumstances under which contemporary Asian, Pacific Islander, or African migrants form diasporas across the globe; focus on a particular ethnic group to examine its site-specific experiences. A-F only.

ES 443 Filipino Americans: Research Topics (3)

A research seminar on the study of Filipino Americans. Special themes in film/video/media, the performing arts, or literature may be offered. Pre: junior standing or consent. (Cross-listed as AMST 401)

ES 450 Food, Culture, and Empire in U.S. and Hawai‘i (3)

Examines the cultural, historical, and political processes that have informed our understandings and practices involving food. We will analyze food and foodways in the U.S. and Hawai‘i. Junior standing or higher. A-F only. Pre: at least one course in WGSS or ES; or consent by instructor. (Crosslisted as WGSS 450)

ES 455 (Alpha) Topics in Comparative Ethnic Conflict (3)

Causes and dynamics of ethnic conflicts with attention to problem resolution; (B) Middle East; (C) Hawaiian sovereignty in Pacific context. Pre: one DS or DH course, or consent for (C). ((C) Cross-listed as SUST 455)

ES 456 Racism and Ethnicity in Hawai‘i (3)

The historical and contemporary social processes involved in inter-ethnic relations in Hawai‘i. Pre: SOC 300 or one ES 300 level course, or consent. (Cross-listed as SOC 456)

ES 457 Politics of Men and Masculinity in U.S. Culture (3)

Examines American understandings of man, manhood, and masculinity, at the intersection of gender, race, class, and sexuality in the context of American nation and empire building in the 19th and 20th centuries. A-F only. Pre: one of WGSS 151, WGSS 175, WGSS 176, or WGSS 202; or consent. (Cross-listed as WGSS 456)

ES 460 Global Ethnic Conflict (3)

Ethnic conflicts cause most wars on our globe today. Examines causes of ethnic conflict, including climate change. Will evaluate approaches to building peaceful relations between groups and developing sustainable relationships with the environment. Junior standing or higher. Pre: one DS or DH course or consent. (Crosslisted as SUST 461)

ES 470 Latinx Experience in Hawai‘i (3)

Examines historical, socio-cultural, and contemporary Latinx presence; relations among Latinx, other immigrant, and Indigenous communities; causes and patterns of immigration; racism and discrimination; ethnicity and identity issues; struggles for justice. Pre: one DH or DS course, or consent.

ES 480 Oceanic Ethnic Studies: Theories and Methods (3)

Engagement with theoretical elements and qualitative and quantitative research methods of Oceanic Ethnic Studies: theories of class, race, indignity, migrancy, diaspora and political economy; community-based and participatory research methods. A-F only. Pre: one upper division ES or SOCS course or consent.

ES 486 Peoples of Hawai‘i (3)

Critically examines the historical and contemporary experiences of various people of Hawai‘i using anthropological and ethnic studies approaches. Emphasis on cultural perspectives and values of peoples indigenous to Hawai‘i, the Pacific, and Asia. Pre: junior standing or consent. (Once a year) (Cross-listed as ANTH 486)

ES 492 Politics of Multiculturalism (3)

The development of ethnic relations and political approaches to multiculturalism in two multiethnic nations: Canada and the U.S. A-F only. Pre: SOC 300 or one 300 level ES course, or consent. (Cross-listed as SOC 492)

ES 493 Oral History: Theory and Practice (3)

Literature, methodology, ethics and project design of oral history research. Students develop and execute an oral history project. Junior standing or consent. (Crosslisted as ANTH 493)

ES 495 Hawai‘i’s Labor History (3)

Conditions of work under varying political, social, and economic transformations in Hawai‘i; anthropological, sociological, and historic data. Pre: one DS or DH course or consent.

ES 496 Special Topics in Ethnic Studies (3)

Selected themes in ethnic studies exploring current issues and new topics; taught by regular and visiting faculty. Repeatable two times. Pre: one 300-level DS or DH course.