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University (UNIV)

UNIV 102 Using Data to Guide the Career Search (3)

Introduction to probability and statistics; including standard deviation, calculations, and inferences about means, normal distributions, and linear correlation. Integrates occupational outlook data from O*NET to understand how to link majors with careers.

UNIV 110 University Experience (1)

An introduction to the university community; topics include critical thinking, the value of higher education, cultural and transition issues. A-F only.

UNIV 131 Academic and Personal Exploration (1)

Seminar introduces students to goal setting, time management, major exploration, academic planning, service-learning opportunities, student/faculty meetings, financial literacy, and encourages frequent self-reflection. Instructor approval required. A-F only.

UNIV 132 Academic and Career Exploration (1)

Seminar introduces exploratory students to major and career exploration resources, guides students in developing personal, academic, and career goals and plans, and encourages frequent self-reflection. Develops written communication skills. A-F only.

UNIV 140 Introduction to Majors and UH Mānoa (1)

Major exploration providing incoming students with an understanding of the tools to navigate UH Mānoa and explore the programs of study available. Introduction to career development, goal setting, and action planning. Freshmen only. Exploratory majors only. A-F only.

UNIV 199 Topics in Learning Techniques & Technologies (V)

Student-centered topics on techniques and technologies used for successful learning. Emphasizes the cultivation of learning dispositions and strategies for achievement in higher education and beyond. Repeatable unlimited times. A-F only.

UNIV 240 Your Academic Journey (1)

Provides exploratory students with the knowledge/skills to thrive in college and beyond. Utilizes writing as a tool for research, analysis, exploration, and reflection. Topics include major and career exploration, personal interests, and goal-setting. May not be taken concurrently or after UNIV 340. Freshmen and sophomores only. Exploratory designations only. A-F only.

UNIV 301 ACE Mentoring: Facilitating Student Development (4)

Theoretical foundations in student learning and holistic development. Practical leadership skills acquisition and application through the facilitation of a seminar for new freshmen. Emphasis on developing proficiency in writing and public speech. Repeatable one time. A-F only. Pre: consent. (Fall only)

UNIV 327 Metacognitive Strategies for College Success (3)

Theories of the memory processes and the application of the Information Processing Systems in developing metacognitive strategies for college classroom success. Sophomore standing or higher. A-F only.

UNIV 340 Academic Exploration Through Advising (3)

Major exploration designed to assist exploratory students in the process of researching personal, career, and educational goals through writing and the impact of these goals on the decision-making process. Emphasis on written self-reflection and identity. Sophomore standing. A-F only.

UNIV 350 Mānoa Peer Advisor Training Course (6)

Intensive course designed for peer advisor trainees to learn General Education requirements, university policies and procedures, and campus resources. Trainees also develop skills and strategies necessary to provide quality advising to their fellow students. A-F only (Summer only)

UNIV 387 Collaborative Learning: Foundations of Tutoring (3)

Theory and practice of collaborative learning in academic contexts. Sophomore standing or higher. Pre: consent.

UNIV 421 Passages (3)

Interactive course develops mentoring skills and relationships with peers, mentors, and “elders.” Sophomore standing or higher. A-F only. (Summer only)

UNIV 440 Topics in Major and Career Exploration (3)

Major and career development for Exploratory students, using written and oral communication to facilitate learning across varied topics. Junior standing or higher. Exploratory students only. A-F only. Pre: 340 or consent.

UNIV 450 Mānoa Peer Advisor Leader Training and Leadership Practicum (6)

A reflective apprenticeship in which Peer Advisor Leaders solidify their understanding of advising and learn more about leadership and deepen their facilitation, communication, collaboration, and leadership skills by mentoring a cohort of peer advisor trainees. Repeatable two times. A-F only. Pre: 350 (or equivalent course) (with a minimum grade of B). (Summer only

UROP 399 Faculty Mentored Research and Creative Work Project (V)

Directed research for undergraduate students conducting faculty-mentored research or creative work projects. Repeatable three times, up to ten credits. CR/NC only. Pre: consent of UROP director and student faculty mentor. (Summer only)