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Natural Sciences (NSCI)

NSCI 101 Natural Sciences and Life-Pulling the Puzzles Apart (1)

Journey through the Natural Sciences finding fun, excitement, and success in science, mathematics, engineering, medicine, and all that is the natural sciences. Focus upon challenging worldviews of belief, invention, impact, and ethics. CR/NC only.

NSCI 501 Seminar for Science Teachers (V)

Seminar and discussions of current and significant topics and problems in science where teachers can exchange new and innovative teaching ideas and strategies. Repeatable one time. Pre: in-service teachers or consent.

NSCI 503 Computers in Classroom (V)

Combined lecture, laboratory and discussion on the use of computers as a teaching tool in the classroom. To be taught in a hands-on manner appropriate for the science teachers. Restricted to in-service teachers or consent. Repeatable one time. A-F only.

NSCI 504 Mathematics Workshop for Teachers (V)

An in-depth study of topics from intermediate and high school mathematics. Restricted to in-service teachers or consent. Repeatable one time. A-F only.

NSCI 505 Physics Workshop for Teachers (V)

Major concepts of physics taught by means of hands-on conceptual activities for elementary and secondary teachers. Restricted to in-service teachers, or consent. Repeatable one time. (Cross-listed as PHYS 505)

NSCI 619 Seminar on Science Teaching (2)

Effective teaching methods; organization of courses, lectures, laboratory exercises; development and evaluation of examinations; computers and audiovisual aids. Open to graduate students in various science disciplines. Repeatable one time. (Cross-listed as ZOOL 619)


See also the biology professional development course, BIOL 501, under the Biology (BIOL) course listing in this section of the Catalog.