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Pharmacology (PHRM)

PHRM 201 Introduction to General Pharmacology (2)

Drugs discussed with emphasis on sites and mechanism of action, toxicity, fate, and uses of major therapeutic agents. Pre: mammalian physiology and dental hygiene major.

PHRM 203 General Pharmacology (3)

Similar to 201 but wider in scope of drugs discussed. Intended for undergraduates in the health sciences and related fields. Pre: mammalian physiology.

PHRM 499 Directed Reading and Research (V)

Directed reading and research in experimental pharmacology. Repeatable unlimited times. Pre: consent.

PHRM 590 Selected Topics in Pharmacology (V)

Elective for medical students in Pharmacology. Repeatable up to 12 credits. CR/NC only. Pre: MDED 551.

PHRM 595 Principles of Pharmacology (1)

Pharmacology elective course for medical students. MD students only. CR/NC only. Pre: MDED 554 or consent. (Fall only)

PHRM 599 Research in Pharmacology (V)

Pharmacology research elective for medical students. MD majors only. CR/NC only. Pre: MDED 551 or consent.

PHRM 601 General Pharmacology (3)

Pharmacodynamics, receptor theory, modeling, clinical trials and the FDA will be covered. Concepts in ADME/T and clinical research are also considered. Pre: consent.

PHRM 602 Systemic Pharmacology (9)

Provides instruction at an organ systems/functional level covering major organ and functional systems of the human body. Concepts in pharmacological research at the animal, organ system and whole human level will also be considered. Repeatable one time. Pre: consent.

PHRM 640 Neuropharmacology (2)

Physiology and pharmacology of central and peripheral nervous systems, focusing on synaptic chemistry and signaling. A-F only. Pre: CMB 606, or consent from the course director. (Cross-listed as CMB 640)

PHRM 699 Directed Research (V)

Repeatable unlimited times.

PHRM 700 Thesis Research (V)

Repeatable unlimited times.

PHRM 800 Dissertation Research (V)

Repeatable unlimited times.